Dodgers Looking at Trading Away Their Depth for Prospects

Dodgers fans would always love to see Los Angeles add a big name right before a playoff push. For the last couple of years, Andrew Friedman and company have been able to make that happen with ease.

This year is a little bit different for the Dodgers though. They are stacked from top to bottom with premium talent, and there aren’t really any glaring needs at the moment. While they’ve been reported as in the conversations for starts like Lance Lynn and Mike Clevinger, maybe pump the brakes on any high hopes.

Instead, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers probably have along-term focus going into Monday’s deadline. The team may pivot to sell off some of their aging depth in order to get a decent prospect return for the coming years.

And finally, the loaded Dodgers are attempting to zig while others zag, working on smaller deals in which they would part with some of their depth for prospects.

That depth the Dodgers have could be any number of guys currently on the 40-man roster. Enrique Hernandez is in his final year before free agency, and it seems unlikely the team would extend him. Joc Pederson is another one of those guys in that same boat. Alex Wood could also potentially be a guy that they look at dealing, but that remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, the Dodgers will probably end up making some sort of move on Monday. Making moves for prospects in the past has resulted in getting Mookie Betts, trust the Freidman method. 

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  1. Mitch White and DJ Peters are also older prospects (both 24) that appear blocked in the organization. Perhaps they should be candidates as well.

  2. The sooner they can shed Joc, Stripling and Kiki the better. They are robbing Beaty, Rios and others of AB’s and innings.

      1. LThat is perhaps the stupidest idea since they traded Pedro Martinez and later mike piazza,two future HOFers. Lux is going to be close to being another HOFer.

        1. I’d be surprised if he was a horrible u can be a very good player and a very important piece to several playoff runs and still not be HoF worthy

  3. I agree Pederson Kike Stripling Peters White should be moved As Rios McKinstry and Beaty are ready to step in

    1. Trade Taylor, kike,Joc,Alex WOOD to the Angels,they can be starters in anaheim,they deserve it.Both Taylor and Kike gold gloves.

  4. A starting pitcher who can give Dodgers some length because having to go to BP by the 4th inning every day will catch up to them. And no matter what, the team striking out in double digits in every game will eventually end Dodgers season early in the playoffs. Yes the HRs are great but I am not liking all those KS I am seeing every night.

    1. I dunno, Paul. I thinks it’s less our short start pitching and more the mind numbing DRoberts quick hook. One bad inning and a guy has to find his seat. Crazy. Overusing a good bullpen is Robert’s signature and may once again keep the club from finding the promised land. Who knows, Machados prophesy may come true that his Pads will see a ring before our Boys in Blue do.

      1. Trade Taylor, kike,Joc,Alex WOOD to the Angels,they can be starters in anaheim,they deserve it.Both Taylor and Kike gold gloves.

    2. The Dodgers have pitching that can give them length; They just get early hooks by Roberts. Case in point is yesterday: Gonsolin threw 62 pitches, gave up 1 run, and had just struck out Gallo and Frazier to get out of the inning. I can’t for the life of me understand why – with a DH no less – he would be pulled. It seems he easily could have gone another 2 or maybe even 3 innings. I’m not sure Roberts has ALLOWED a pitcher to throw 100 pitchers this season.

      1. I really thought because it was a sprint that the Dodgers would let them loose but no they’re still playing it like a 6 month season. I think they will find a way to burn out a bullpen in a 60 game season it’s truly unbelievable and I don’t put it all on Roberts like everyone else. He’s mostly a puppet and a politician. What I do hold him 100 percent accountable for is not putting his foot down and taking complete control of his team when the playoffs start even if it means getting fired after it, but then again if we won it all the FO couldn’t justify firing him, it’s a gamble because if we were still to be eliminated even with good managing he’d be canned

        1. I agree he’s not 100 percent accountable but he is to large degree. I believe the decision to use Kershaw in relief against the Nats was predetermined but I still remember my immediate reaction when he pulled Hill against Boston in ’18 and that was on him. I’m also convinced that pulling Gonsolin yesterday and Urias in his last start (which was almost identical to Gonsolin’s) was completely Roberts and a really bad call in both instances. How many times do you see a pitcher struggle early, wiggle out of a jam, and then get in a rhythm in the middle innings? If you’re not named Kershaw, Roberts doesn’t give them that chance.

          1. Don and Bum4ever, good points here on the quick hooks by Roberts and also true is a collaborative decision between Robert’s and Freidman. Maybe a good thing Dodgers have only 3 games left with the Padres but WSS.

      2. I think they should get rid of Kershaw and Jansen. Get something good for them while they still have good value.

      3. LThat is perhaps the stupidest idea since they traded Pedro Martinez and later mike piazza,two future HOFers. Lux is going to be close to being another HOFer.

    1. Why not? At least, he hates the Astros. But not realistic because he is too expensive.

  5. There seems to be enough veteran depth who could be starters for a lot of teams. Maybe we get a long-term answer at 3B with Arenado?

  6. Trading Stripling would be fine but save any other for the offseason it would be foolish to disrupt chemistry right now.

  7. I agree, also Joc will be a free agent at the end of this season. I think Kike as well. So they won’t bring in too much in a trade.

    1. I don’t think the Dodgers could have gotten a deal more valuable than the draft picks they’ll get when these guys walk at the end of the season.

  8. Best record in baseball right now ,and you guys want to change the team i dont get it never happy i guess

    1. Dan, it’s an unusual season to say the least. So not much season left for anything drastic as far as changes go. But I do believe that Joc and Kike will be elsewhere in 2021, as they are in their walk years and I cannot envision the Dodgers extending their stay here anyway.

  9. The Dodgers need a closer Robert now that Jensen is finish long ago i don’t understand why him (robert) still using Jensen

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