66 Years Ago, The Dodgers Hired Vin Scully

I am 29 years old. By the time October rolls around and the Dodgers (hopefully) are in contention for the World Series, I’ll pass the three-decade mark and my chances of ever getting a big contract from Stan Kasten will be completely diminished.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but life goes on.

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The reason I give that background information isn’t some attempt at an early mid-life crisis. No, it’s to further point out how incredible Vin Scully’s run with the Dodgers has been.

One could live my lifetime over again and still not add up to the length of time Vin has been call games and telling his stories for Dodgers fans. 66 years ago Monday, the Dodgers hired a 22-year-old Vincent Edward Scully to become their broadcaster. The rest has been history.

This newspaper clipping, courtesy of Dodgers Insider’s Cary Osborne, is pretty incredible.

2016 will be Scully’s final season and his potential replacement, Joe Davis, is getting ready to step into the biggest shoes potentially ever in sports. He’s up to the challenge, there’s no doubting that.

It’s just crazy to think that, at some point, Scully would be in the same position as Davis: Seeing newspaper clippings about what he might offer as the voice of the Dodgers. Here we are, more than half a century later, and the thought of the Dodgers without him is somehow even more unfathomable.

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