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Dodgers News | Rumors: Roberts Impresses, Rotation Takes Form, and More

The Dodgers’ roster seems to be taking its final form, and some are content with the team’s roster, while others believe the offseason was lackluster. There’s that and more in today’s Dodgers Credits.

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  • Is the team’s rotation too left-handed? Daniel Brim takes a look. [Dodgers Digest]
  • The organization has created no buzz this offseason, writes Steve Dilbeck. [LA Times]
  • Several Dodgers will be going through arbitration this offseason, and here’s a general overview of that. [True Blue LA]

Dodgers National

  • Rob Neyer believes the Dodgers’ rotation will be just fine without Zack Greinke. [Fox Sports]
  •  The Dodgers have been experiencing injuries as often as any team in the game, and it doesn’t seem it will get any better. [FanGraphs]
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  1. If anyone is content with this roster as it sits right now, they need their head examined..there are more holes than Swiss cheese and way too many question marks….

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