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7 Dodgers Officially Became MLB Free Agents After World Series Win

As we continue to ride the high of LA’s first championship since 1988, the Dodgers also had to tend to regular baseball day-to-day operations. The business side of the game. 

Yes, as most of the team was returning to Los Angeles on Wednesday, 7 players officially became free agents. 

  1. Pedro Baez
  2. Kiké Hernandez
  3. Jake McGee
  4. Joc Pederson
  5. Blake Treinen
  6. Justin Turner
  7. Alex Wood

Each of the 7 played key roles in securing the franchise’s seventh World Series championship this season. Moreover, aside from Treinen and McGee, this list makes up a large part of the Dodgers’ roster from the last 5+ seasons. While there’s a fair likelihood that Justin Turner returns in 2021, and perhaps Treinen and/or McGee re-ups with the club for a return engagement, the game 6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays marked the end of an extremely successful era for some long-time boys in blue.

These 7 Dodgers join a pool of more than 150 players who became free agents on Wednesday.

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  1. As noted, all contributed–some greatly. Some are in the twilights of their careers and may be expected to contribute less next year(s). Others have shown great promise. The key question, however, is to what extent the Dodgers can replace them with players who would contribute more–at a comparable cost.

  2. Bring back JT! He can play 3rd for a few more years. If we go to Universal DH he would be perfect. JT could fill the void left by David Freese. The Dodgers sorely need right hand bats. Also a tremenous attribute to the LA community.

  3. The question is; CAN they bring all seven guys back? I’d sure try…unless, of course, they know that some up-and-comers are ready to make the leap to MLB.

    Mitch White? DJ Peters? Cody Thomas? Michael Grove? Devin Mann? Beaty? Rios?

    Lots of options if they want to go with more affordable contracts…

  4. Keke is an enigma. He tends to hit in clutch situations but his batting average is just too low. Joc has a similar problem. CT3 is our utility player. Let Joc and Keke walk. I’d like to see us go after a right handed left fielder and a second baseman. I would re-sign Treinen. JT is good for 2-3 more years, especially as a DH. Baez is inconsistent, McGee is similar. They can both go. Wood might be OK in long relief and as an emergency starter, but only a 1 year contract at a time.

    1. Losing Kike is going to hurt, no question. His ability to play multiple positions has been his special contribution to this team. He’s also a great teamate/Dodger, he likes being here. Now maybe we just sign a full time second baseman. We could try and lure DJ LeMahieu back to the NL West to play second for us, re-sign Justin and start rebuilding the bullpen again. I would like to see them keep Treinen and Alex, but I figure they will get higher offers from others.

      1. Two things are obvious:

        Re-sign JT.

        Let Wood go.

        I would like to see Pederson stay because he’s a good guy, and he always comes through in the postseason. I’d like Hernandez to stay because he can play anywhere, even though Taylor can too. Treinen did a good job, but may want to test the waters.

        I’d like to see them all stay (except for Wood). I think that should be the Dodger FO position. We’d like you to stay, unless you really want to go and try to make more money. If you can keep these guys, you don’t need to make any free agent aquisitions or trades. And you have the same team ready to go for another championship in 2021.

        This is the first year in a long time that the Dodgers don’t have a pressing personnel need, except to keep it together. Just focus on the farm system. They have horses in the minors ready to assist when needed. This is a deep talented team at all levels. Just keep it that way. The Giants won 3 WS in 5 years with far less talent than what the Dodgers have now. Stay the course and good things will happen. Keep JT.

  5. The financial situation in the World, Professional Sports, and Baseball will highly impact this year’s free-agent market. All the professional Sports clubs lost money.
    If I were a free agent I would try to get a one year deal and wait for conditions to improve in 2022.
    I would sign JT to a short two-year contract. I would also attempt to sign Treinen and possibly McGee. I would not sign Wood and wait for the market to see if Baez would come cheap.
    I would let Kike go but again depending on the market might sign Pederson to a short deal because of his consistent hitting in the playoffs.
    The Dodgers are a business. They are built on Kasten and Friedman building and using the Farm System. There are a lot of pitchers and position players competeing to get a shot at the Major Leagues. If I were the Dodgers i would look at what position they can improve and trade a couple of blocked prospects and possibly a player for an exceptional player.
    What does the organization truly think of Lux? The Dodgers starting pitching, catching and outfield are exceptional what about the infield? Is Rios going to step in and platoon if they resign Turner? 2nd base and 1st base did not contribute offensively as much as the other positions. Do you tradee Lux?

  6. Turner is only no brainer. He’s worth more to the Dodgers, esp if the DH stays. Joc and Kike deserve to go somewhere they can play full time. There really isn’t a spot for Wood and the Dodgers always mix and match relievers – for good or bad – so no long contracts there.


    1. I disagree with your comment of: Trading: WOOD & KELLY. The way WOOD looked in Game 6; He was throwing “FIRE”. In “Airing Out the B.P”. YES. The 1st one to GO, needs to be JANSEN. Use GRATEROL; for the “CLOSER”.

  8. Signing DJ would be awesome. I don’t think the Yankees would let him go. He is the kind of contact hitter they really need. To many homerun happy hitters in their lineup. It would be the right hand hitter they are lacking. I know I’m dreaming but how about Trevor Bauer?

  9. Dodgers are always so hyped about up & coming players that they sometimes don’t pan out & players like Kiké who should have been their second baseman all along & give him the opportunity to produce in a more consistent basis , instead of looking out side the box for another second baseman, but keep JT & Joc if possible

  10. Overall, in 18 games in playoffs, JT hit .250 with 6 rbi. I think his bat has slowed and I think that will become more evident over a 162 game season. As I much as I have loved watching the guy play, I am being realistic. Also, his lack of speed and hamstring problems cost us a few times on the basepaths, but we were able to overcome it, thankfully. I hope I am wrong and he is as productive as Nelson Cruz until his 40th birthday. I also would hate to lose Kike, as his ability to play multiple positions and deliver a timely hit here and there would be missed. At some point, we have to figure out what we have in Rios, Lux, and McKinstry. Lux is only 21, but the other two are 25. We have some big decisions to make.

  11. I would say Justin gets a 2 year deal. Treinan gets an offer because he has a high upside. And Kike is such a great defender at multiple positions. Sorry Joc, you were a great Dodger but unless we get a low cost 1 year flyer; Edwin Rio’s can play left when Justin is at third. And don’t forget Pollock had a good year. We do need to try right now to give Corey a long term deal. And try to add another 2 years on Clayton’s deal. McGee, Wood, Baez, Nelson see you around guys.

  12. The qualifying offer to free agents is approx 18. None will be offered that.
    1b Muncy. I like him there instead of second base. Though he is ok at 3b in a pinch, unless they cut ties with turner and let Rios play first base

    2b Lux. They aren’t giving up on this kid. Unless he is needed to trade for Lindor.

    SS Seager. Here is where it can interesting. Would he be willing to sign an extension and move to third base ? Seager has played good SS since his return from the surgeries. Lindor trade works only if Seager moves to third base with an extension.

    3b LA tried to land Anthony Rendon, Turner is 36 and hit 4 hr/23 rbi in 42 games. Struggled in the WS at the plate. Offer a 1 year 7 million deal or move on.

    RF Betts

    CF Bellinger

    LF Pollock, unless he can be traded, if traded, Taylor moves to LF. Not sure what it’ll take to keep Joc, maybe 2 year/ 10 million per.

    C Smith and Barnes.

    P Kershaw
    P Buehler
    P Urias
    P May
    P Price

    RP Gonsolin
    RP Ferguson
    RP Gonzalez
    RP Kelly
    RP Graterol
    RP Floro
    RP Jansen

    I’d like to keep Treinan, he was paid 10 million last season…..

  13. JT coming back on more than a one year deal is probably dependent on the future of DH rule in NL. A 36 year old with bad knees at 3rd base is a tough one. Kike’ & Peterson can make a lot more money somewhere else. Treinen is the interesting case. Dodgers know Kenley toast as a closer, but relief pitchers are notorious for being fragile and inconsistent year to year. And Treinen can probably get a longer term deal somewhere else. Dodgers don’t like to spend big money in bullpen.

  14. Bring back:

    Turner (2-year “team-friendly” deal if universal DH rule remains in effect after this year, otherwise he’s pretty much taking over David Freese’s role on the bench)

    Treinen (prayed for the Dodgers to get him since 2018; “1+1” deal, money guaranteed both years)

    Wood (people don’t realize what a HUGE asset he is come postseason time, just check out his career ERA in WS appearances! Guaranteed 3-year deal because Dodgers don’t have many LH relief options in their system that’ll be ready to contribute during that period)

    McGee (prayed for the Dodgers to get him since his tenure with the Rays; 1-year deal only since he’ll basically be “place-holding” for a TJ-rehabbing Caleb Ferguson next season)

    The rest can go seek their fortunes elsewhere (sorry Hernandez, but Chris Taylor and Zach McKinstry can both take over the super-utility role from here on out).

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