A.J. Ellis Discusses Kershaw, Giants And Bubble Machine

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In his seventh season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, A.J. Ellis has had to overcome a prolonged injury for the first time in his career and battled to try and find any sort of comfort and success at the plate.

While the season has very much been a struggle for Ellis, he’s witnessed history in Clayton Kershaw’s first career no-hitter and a unique dugout celebration. While Matt Kemp is credited for bringing foam parties to the Dodgers’ awareness, he’s not responsible for producing the bubble machine.

Instead, that credit goes to Adrian Gonzalez, Ellis told Jonah Keri of Grantland Podcasts:

Eventually, someone was like ‘we should have a foam party in our dugout when anybody hits a home run. A day later Adrian Gonzalez brings out a bubble machine into our dugout and sure enough, that day, someone hit a homer, bubbles start flowing. And now we have bubble machine companies sending us their machines for us to use in the dugout.”

Ellis went on to tell of an exchange he had last season with former teammate Michael Young that has resonated with the catcher. Young suggested Ellis enjoy the game as much as possible because it can come to an end without much notice.

Ellis followed that by saying he enjoys being a little kid with his teammates because they go through so much together throughout the struggles of a full season.

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