Andrew Friedman On Dodgers Roster: ‘No Weak Spot’

It’s always nice to see a manager and his boss on the same page. Recently, Dave Roberts said he didn’t see any weak spots in the 2019 Dodgers.

Now, team president Andrew Friedman is echoing the sentiment. Furthermore, Friedman also said he doesn’t see a weak spot within the roster; just like his manager. He also mixed in a creative quote that tells us where he prefers his coffee from. We will get to that in a minute.

Friedman made an analogy, that involves Starbucks. I can see that.

“You can go to Starbucks and get a coffee and your barista will tell you that you need more pitching,” Friedman said Wednesday, courtesy of ESPN. “Everyone has an opinion, and a strong opinion, which is great, because it speaks to their involvement and how much they care. But I think with that comes a lot of people who want certain things in that moment.”

“I feel like we have a chance to be an elite team, and I think we have a very well-rounded roster,” Friedman added. “It’s also got a number of core players that have won a significant number of games together. I think oftentimes that gets overlooked.”

It’s important to read between the lines here and decipher if Friedman really holds this amount of confidence, or is being coy. As with all things – the truth probably resides somewhere in between.

If the Dodgers truly have no weak spot – that would mean Friedman’s work for the year is complete. It would mean that there would be nowhere to improve the club. In life and baseball, there’s always a way to improve or get better; especially with injuries and human element mixed in.

The Dodgers should be an elite team, but their judgement day will be if they can win the final game on the schedule in October.

Your Thoughts

Over the course of a long season, we will find out if Roberts and Friedman’s hypothesis tests correctly. However, how do you feel? Do the 2019 Dodgers have any weak spot? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. What’s Friedman saying … that Puig, Kemp and Woods from 2918 squad were weak spots? U trade 2 if your too 3 right handed bats, for a solid defensive OF who can be an good leadoff man when healthy. U still havent5 address your RH lacking in line-up. Taylor and Muncey have been great novelties, but they r rotational players. Sign Manny for 3 years avg salary $32 mil and lets go win a Championship

  2. Their weak spot is that they keep saying ridiculous things like this. I am worried about the Catcher and 2B positions, right-handed hitting, particularly off the bench, and I worry that everyone may not stay healthy. I worry that we’ve lost two WS in a row, and instead of stepping on the gas, we’re using cost-saving measures. Yuck. I don’t insist they win it all, I just insist that be their main goal. It’s clear to me that it’s not.

  3. The biggest weak spot is Friedman himself – mistake after mistake after mistake – the latest being the trade with the Reds and NOT getting Goldschmidt and Miller, as the Cardinals did, this off season, getting second best – Pollock and Kelly.

    Next is catching position, unless Barnes can regain his 2017 form, which I think he can.

  4. Good day Clint. On another page where Roberts doesn’t see any weaknesses I last counted 35 comments AND NOT ONE of them agreed with him. Now I will tell you that perhaps Jim Izzo above here is correct.. Freidman is blind if he doesn’t see any weaknesses. And on 2nd thought maybe he should look in the mirror…..

    1. It felt a little political – I mean as I said – if we can’t improve then his work is finished. He is working daily to find the margins to get better, as is his staff. It’s probably his way of instilling confidence in the roster he has built. We know they will be sniffing around big names at the deadline.

  5. The 2019 Dodgers have a notable weak spot on the roster, which is several players who are only marginal ones who can only compete against one side of a pitcher. hence that is a huge reason for platooning. or example, Joc KNOWS he will be platooned because he acts an hits like he has never seen or faced a LHP in his life. And I honestly would not be surprised that knowing that, he did little if anything to practice and improve himself to face LHP. Another thing is with a pitching staff that plays half their games at ‘pitcher friendly’ DS but still saw 8 NL teams in 2018 allow fewer HR’s. Weakness also is the fact that we are still vulnerable to LHP.. Pollock cannot correct that issue by himself.

    1. Clint, I would be more than happy to FedEx. my glasses so that AF can see what everyone else sees – a team that is weaker this year than last. I know that people can view the same object differently, but this is as plain as the nose on one’s face. And, how do we supplement the runs lost in the trade of Yasie and Matt Kemp? Go Blue!!!

  6. I have to disagree with Dodgers have no weak spots on Roster , Corey Seager , ,i would move him to 2nd base , injury prone , plays half a season , justin turner same , sign Manny Machado to short stop , Dodger quit playing games ? front office , been a Dodger Fan 1966, Go Dodgers!

  7. The dodger week spot is Freidman. Ya the roster is good for NL west. But not good enough to beat the Red Sox, Yankees or Houston in the World Series. That’s if they get bye Milwaukee, Washington or the Cardinals. Friedman is ruining the game. Every mlb player should want this guy gone. This guy is taking money from these Guys pockets, while owners continue to make billions.

    1. Throughout history the Dodgers have always been pioneers but unfortunately it’s for something negative this time around

  8. The Ownership group in LA has openly proven in numerous actions and in very non-subtle ways that they are in place to make this business plan very profitable. The actions taken to sell off their broadcast rights to the highest bidder with no protection of the exceedingly loyal fans that the Good Will of the O’Malley family produced was unconscionable and really very nefarious against the life blood of this Franchise (it’s fan base!). Additionally, they are “Wall Street people” or should I say Chicago Mercantile Exchange Entrepenuers whose intention is to maximize profits in each venture. As a business model this is an steadfast and proper acumen to apply…,However, the LOS ANGELES DODGERS, INCORPORATED are a Public Trust Organization! This begs the proper business and moral acumen must be applied in consideration of its public service to that civilian group which holds its trust. There have no bones made about this in recitals from Mr Kasten and others representing Guggenheimer Group. The only interest ever pledged by this regime has been to maintain a competitive Franchise and to perfect the business model. I personally have no longer any concerted interest in the Dodgers Franchise as having been betrayed so effusively has produced a deep distrust of this Regime unequivocally. After nearly 60 years of support, I will abstain from further support until such time that this Regime recognizes the solemnity of protecting the Public Trust that is absolutely the LOS ANGELES DODGERS, INCORPORATED Franchise!
    Prosecution Rests!

  9. Getting to the WS 2 consecutive years is no fluke. Most of you thought the dodgers couldnt win the division. You know nothing. A lot of you think 1 expensive free agent is the answer. The dodgers have won because of depth. And now the depth has balance or no weak spots on the roster.

  10. I think Roberts and Friedman have their heads up their butts. The Dodgers traded away along with Grandal 70 home runs and got back 20 in return. That 50 difference is not going to be made up with Martin and Pollock even if they both play every day. Many of those 50 home runs won games last year. We are now weaker in right field with Puig gone, are weaker against left handed pitching with only Turner, Pollock, and Martin starting and if you put Taylor and Hernandez in the starting line up against left handed pitching, you just weakened your bench with Taylor and Hernandez starting. We have no second baseman, weaker at catcher and who knows what the replacements are going to do. We lost a starting pitcher which weakens that portion of the team. We all know some of those starters are going on the DL as it happens every year and unless they pick sojmeone up which Friedman may be forced to do which means he has to get into the bank which is doesn’t like to do. They may have a team that will win the National League West only because the other teams are weaker, they do not have a team that will beat Boston, Houston or New York. We still don’t know how Seager will work out since his operations or how the rookie will do in right field. Friedman and Roberts need to see a shrink. This is going to be another year without a World Series title.

  11. Agree that they are a lesser team on paper! I also doubt that the team as constructed has any opportunity to compete at the same level as the elite teams in AL for a Title! They may not be the best team in the NL either? The games do have to be played to determine anything of course….and as usual anything can happen and likely will happen. The variables with the intangibles make it intriguing! Not in favor of this Ownership Group of Guggenheimer etal or the Management Team at all! They all have thumbed their collective noses at all the forever loyal Dodger fans with their commentaries and their incidious broadcast rights give away! 3-4 Million show up every year and they take advantage of the loyalty offering us “Profits before Titles” and TV Blackouts apparently that they have no control over by choice of contract terms!!

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