Boston Fans Treat Former Dodgers Outfielder Alex Verdugo Unfairly Online

As part of the Mookie Betts trade to the Dodgers, fan-favorite Alex Verdugo was sent to Boston.

The 23-year-old got his first extended taste of big league action last season and quickly grew to become a highlight for fans in Los Angeles. From his walk-up song choice to his quotable interviews — including the famous “we’re naaaaaasty” line — he was a wonderful jolt of energy to a veteran ballclub. Moreover, he acted as a bridge between veterans and rookies making their MLB debuts.

But as much as he was (is) loved and revered by Dodgers fans, the same cannot be said of his new fanbase in Boston.

Editor’s note: The clip is NSFW.

In an unfortunate and, quite honestly frustrating video posted by a Red Sox fan-hosted podcast, the response is sad… “everyone hates Verdugo.”

On the outside, Alex might be an acquired taste for sure, but the commentary put forth is unfair and uncalled for — the dude is a kid from the west coast… a place where style is all over the place.

More importantly, Verdugo was nothing short of wonderful to the community in his first full season with Los Angeles. His boisterous personality and enthusiasm and, more importantly, his willingness to give back in any way he could.

Some of that was featured when DodgersNation.com spent time with him at the Dodgers annual children’s holiday party at Dodger Stadium.

More of Verdugo’s loveable nature was also featured on SportsNet LA’s Backstage: Dodgers where he visited… Fenway Park in Boston.

At this point, it’s tough to know if this should be an article putting the vocal Boston fans on blast — let’s be fair, the few we hear on Twitter do not represent the entire Red Sox Nation (hopefully) — or an article that will paint a picture of Dugie as a loveable character to the Sox fans that will undoubtedly read it and chime in.

Instead, we’ll let Dodgers Nation have it’s voice be heard and aggregate some of the more fair comments.




Let’s hope, Dad Day Clay.

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  1. Relax, Boston. In three years when he’s a superstar headed into free agency you can whine about how the Sox are letting him go for nothing.

  2. I absolutely loved having Verdugo on our team. He brought swag and enthusiasm to the Dodgers each and every game he played. Boston is fortunate to have him.

  3. I’m quite bummed that the Dodgers traded Dugie. He was getting to be one of my favorite players. They guy is a real spark plug. I loved his enthusiasm. He was always out there cheer leading. Besides all that he’s a damn good player. I suspect he will be loved before the season is half gone. He will be giving his new team his all.

  4. Verdugo was completely trashed by members on the Sons of Sam Horn website (a Red Sox message board) when the trade was going down. Red Sox fans are insufferable. I feel bad for Verdugo and wish he had not been traded. Mookie better bring the goods in 2020 because I think Verdugo is going to be an all-star.

    1. I regret ever feeling bad for them during their 86 year drought and even rooting for them in 2004. Should’ve known it would’ve led to them being one of the most toxic fans in the game it happens to them all. I think they’ve earned themselves another drought 100 years after the last one started

  5. I’m personally pretty excited to watch him play and develop into a potential all-star, especially after I saw how happy he is to play for the Red Sox. I thought he handled his first media session in spring training pretty great.

    Lumping all the fans together as if it was a unified belief is pretty irresponsible, but it fits your agenda and a headline worded as such will garner more clicks… I guess in today’s media that’s not surprising at all.

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