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Clayton Kershaw Curveball Making Helmet and Hitter See Red

In last night’s game versus the Cincinnati Reds, the Dodgers ace, Clayton Kershaw faced Adam Duvall and as MLB Gif alluded to – it’s just not fair!

Here’s the curve from last night as well as a curveball compilation we found on YouTube. Hopefully, it makes Duvall feel better that he isn’t the only one.

VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw CG Shutout vs. Reds


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  1. Kershaw is going to be Kershaw pretty much no matter what. As for the rest of this staff that Fried Brains and Zorro have assembled, well Stripling is 2-3, Kazmir 3-3, Maeda, 3-3, and Wood 1-3…..that is a combined 9-12..the 2 free agent signees of the Giants, Queto, and the Shark, are a combined 13-3……advantage SF. If you add Kershaw’s wins, the Dodgers starters are 16-13……..A relief pitcher, Hatcher, has more wins than Stripling and Wood…….pitiful, and not a championship caliber staff for sure.

  2. Michael Norris This FO should be using their numbers on Wall Street, and not trying to run any sports team. The three Stooges could do as well. If they were really into baseball, they would reign in Kershaw when it comes to letting him become a version of Maury Wills. What team wants their ace running the bases with reckless abandonment? And the thing is that they are reinforcing it in his mind by pitch hitting him. He feels like one of the guys, and they’re making him feel that way. Say he slides into third head first and jam his left wrist. Then what? The best pitcher in baseball, and you all are not protecting him from himself. How dumb!!

  3. Robert Hamilton  Michael Norris  First off. Kersh has an opt out clause in his contract. He can walk after the 2018 season. He is not going to give that up unless the extension is for HUGE MONEY. As far as reigning him in, well he ran even though the coach gave him a stop sign. I like the aggressiveness, but the headfirst slide is reckless. But all that is on the coaching staff. Look, you lose Kershaw, you are not winning, but as bad as the rest of this staff is you are not winning anyway. Not with Fried Brains and Zorro in charge.

  4. Michael Norris Robert Hamilton Fried Brains and Zorro. Lol! Those rag arms are what those two consider depth. An abundance of mediocracy is their definition of depth. God forbid our team if not for those whom weren’t expected to carry it. In that I mean Thompson, Seager, and Peterson. I would like to see Urias. Not that he could really help this sorry old team. I would like to see the young come up together, like Garvey, Cey, Russell and the like. Trying to get rid of those inflated old contracts is like trying to sell a hoofless horse. Einstein couldn’t fix our problems in a timely manner. Any ideas?

  5. Robert Hamilton  Michael Norris  None that would really help this year. Unfortunately most of the top tier prospects are pitchers who are at best 1 year away. I do not rush Urias, I terminate the Hatcher, Grandal, Bolsinger, Kike Hernandez experiments. Kike needs to go to OKC and regain his mojo. Hatcher and Grandal are total failures on this team. Montas should be ready in a couple of weeks, as will Ryu. Montas, and Blanton can handle the 8th and 7th innings, Baez becomes the swing guy, Howell can be released because Liberatore has done a much better job. Package a couple of the lower tier prospects and get a solid # 3 pitcher. Play Pederson, Thompson and Puig, everyday……unless you can find a taker for CC, find a way to get the guy to injure himself and go on the DL. Ethier will not be ready until late July. Next year will be better. I trade Wood too and hope Kazmir does well enough to opt out.

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