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Cody Bellinger Rumors: 11 Teams Reportedly Interested in Dodgers Outfielder

Although the window hasn’t officially closed for a Cody Bellinger return to the Dodgers, it’s looking more likely each day that Bellinger will find a new home in 2023. The struggles mounted all season long finally got to a tipping point for the Dodger who are no longer to be patient with the struggling hitter, but 11 other teams are ready to take the chance on the former MVP.

Bellinger’s plays in the outfield at 26 years old are more than enough to consider him among lineups. If Bellinger can get his swing right, any team that pays cheap can get a huge payout as he looks to regain his hitting stride and confidence.

Bellinger will have plenty of options to choose from as he looks for a short deal to bet on himself once more (via Jon Heyman, New York Post).

“Cody Bellinger has interest from 11 teams following the Dodgers’ decision to nontender him (he was expected to get $19 million in arbitration). The Astros, Cubs and Giants are among the teams in play. Bellinger will seek a one-year deal to reset his value”

As Bellinger looks to earn his money once more, the risk teams take on is postseason success. While Bellinger was known for his high level of play come October, it seems those days are long gone.

A short term contract is the best route for Bellinger as he gives himself a one year deal to prove his worth and get back into the market. It’s a huge bet to take, but once Bellinger should have no issue taking.

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  1. Best wishes, Belli… You were given years to succeed in L.A. Unfortunately, you fell short at the plate…

  2. Yep, cause Dodgers cannot really afford to ‘carry’ a player for an entire season as a defense only player.

  3. Speculation about Bellinger is like wondering who your ex-wife is dating. Who the hell cares?

  4. In my opinion, had Roberts exercised patience with Bellinger like he did with Muncy, who struggled, but, from I recall was never dropped below 7th in the lineup no matter how bad he performed, Bellinger may have responded. Muncy did improve somewhat. What did Muncy have on Roberts to reap this treatment?
    Roberts kept dropping Bellinger into the 7-9 spots. That again in my opinion led to Bellinger losing confidence. Who cares someone asks, I do, as do many other Dodger fans. I hope he tears it up on a new team and hope he wreaks havoc on LA when they play. Roberts and his bridesmaid record must go!

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