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Cody Bellinger Rumors: Giants May Pursue Former Dodger if Aaron Judge Signs Elsewhere

Three years ago, who would have thought Cody Bellinger would be a free agent going into his 28-year-old season?

That is where we are at with the former MVP and World Series champion of the Dodgers.

Many teams are interested in the lefty-batter, one of those teams being the Dodgers’ biggest rival, the San Francisco Giants. MLB writer Will Leitch listed the Giants as the second-best fit for the 27-year-old; he explains what it might take for the Giants to sign the former Dodger.

“Clearly, Aaron Judge is the first priority. But if he ends up staying with the Yankees (or signing elsewhere), Bellinger isn’t a bad second option.”

Judge is the biggest fish in the pond that everyone wants to get their hands on, and the Giants are one of the few teams with what it takes to sign him. But, if they fail to do so, Belli could be a great second option.

Even though Cody came off another dreadful season on the offensive side of things, his glove was still Gold Glove level. Many people will also blame his lousy couple of seasons for not having enough time to recover from injuries he suffered in the off-season.

Last season, Cody slashed .210/.265/.389 with a .654 OPS and a 78 OPS+ (100 is the league average). He only has a combined 134 RBIs and 286 strikeouts in the past three seasons. All that being said, it would be weird not to see Cody in Dodger blue.

I could not picture Cody in orange and black, but it is a business, and if the numbers are right, he could very likely end up in Northern California.

Ricardo Sandoval

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