MLB Rumors: Mulitple Teams Attempting To Trade For Cole Hamels

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since the weeks and days prior to the 2014 trade deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers have seemingly been engaged in talks with the Philadelphia Phillies for Cole Hamels.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. has thus far been unable to get a haul of prospects that he believes meet the value of Hamels, who he called one of the best pitchers in the game and compared to Clayton Kershaw. Although Amaro said in late January he didn’t expect to trade Hamels, teams haven’t ceased their attempts to construct a deal, according to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports:

Considering the mid-January report of the Phillies receiving interest from a West Coast team, it’s not surprising to again see the Dodgers among the teams tied to Hamels:

As the Dodgers’ trade for Jimmy Rollins was momentarily put on hold before being finalized due to the delay in sending Matt Kemp to the San Diego Padres, some wondered if the Dodgers and Phillies would expand on the deal to include Hamels.

That never materialized, though Rollins revealed after the trade was completed his former teammate was more than open to joining him in Los Angeles. With Joc Pederson, Corey Seager and Julio Urias in the organization, the Dodgers have the prospects to satisfy the notoriously high-demanding Amaro.

However, the Dodgers have resisted parting ways with any of their young, elite talent and there’s been little-to-no indications they’re open to changing course. That being said, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman and general manager Farhan Zaid have both openly stated they won’t hesitate to make a move if they believe it will improve the team.

Looking past Hamels’ 9-9 record suggests there’s still plenty left in the 31 year old. His 2.46 ERA was ninth-lowest in all of baseball and 1.15 WHIP ranked 24th — two spots ahead of Zack Greinke. Additionally, he threw 204.2 innings last season, which is more than any Dodger pitcher and his 198 strikeouts (14th-highest) would have been second-most on the Dodgers’ staff behind Kershaw.

Hamels is guarnateed $96 million through the 2018 season and his contract includes an $20 million team option for 2019 that will vest at $24 million should he pitch a combined 400 innings in 2017-2018 (with 200 innings coming in 2018), and avoid the disabled list with a shoulder or elbow injury at the end of 2018.

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  1. We were once envied by all of MLB for our farm system, and what we were able to produce. We are getting back to that feeling again and should not give up the farm for instant gratification! Build for long-term greatness, not a once in every 25 years trophy. IMHO

    1. Agree again with you. Need to build the farm and hopefully someone puts a curse on McCourt . Although a really Nasty divorce is a good start. IMO.
      Looks like the F Office guys are attempting that and Kasten will always build the farm. Sounds like Barnes the catcher might be a good pick up.

      1. if you really want to curse mccourt, then don’t pay for parking..take the dodger stadium express bus at union station. that’ll stick to him!

  2. They had better get this deal done done for Hamels he is a stud pitcher and the likes of the misfits they picked up this year I would not let them pitch in my kids pee wee league, c’mon who would u rather see out there every fifth day Cole or Brain Anderson? Even if they have to give up some of the jewels for him, Plus he is killer in the playoffs,

    1. I agree but there seems to be this dispute between two ideologies, win now or build up the farm. While building up the farm is important it could be problematic as current elite players on the team are aging which puts the win now ideology in front. LA missed out on Lester and i hope they don’t squander a chance at Hamels. Would it be nice to attain him for a song and a dance? Yep, but that’s not going to happen and I’d hate to see the Padres land him. The Padres have improved their team very much this year. I also believe that Kemp will have a super season in 2015.

      Can the Dodgers afford to wait for Pederson, Seager, and Urias to blossom as the team ages or some players elect to opt out/leave as FA due to not winning the WS? And if the above three do make the jump to the majors for good only to be so so; where does that leave the farm system and the team? Could a trade for Hamels backfire? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

      I believe Hamels could help the Dodgers greatly and could be a top 5 pitcher this season and become the team’s number two man.

      Just my personal thoughts and ramblings from a long, long time Dodger fan since the young age of 7 in 1961.

  3. The most likely one they should give up is Urias he is still 2-3 away for the ravine

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