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Corey Seager Passes Another Test on the Field

The concern for Corey Seager’s health has had everyone on edge for months. Any time he breathes on the field, reporters flock around him. The cameras come out and everyone holds their breathe every time he has taken the field for drills. Tuesday was more of the same story.

Thankfully, it looks as though Seager has passed another test en route to his return to the field. Seager took actual swings against real-life pitching and came out just fine. Not much has been said about his success in those couple of swings, but what matters is that he felt okay physically. After taking ground balls in the infield last week and standing in to track live pitches, this was the next logical step.

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eager went down with Tommy John surgery early last season after being visibly in pain for a number of games. In fact, it was pretty obvious the pain went as far back as 2017 when they first started talking about the possibility of a minor surgery. As a result, the Dodgers went out at the deadline and made a trade for Manny Machado.

Seager is a career  302 hitter and won the Rookie of the Year award in 2016. That season, he hit 308 with 26 home runs en route to a Silver Slugger award and All-Star appearance. His return to Spring Training games has yet to be announced.

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