How Nolan Arenado’s Extension Affects The Dodgers Plans

It was reported today that the Rockies are finalizing a 260 million dollar extension for Nolan Arenado. This monstrous extension could (potentially) last through the 2026 season.

What does this mean for the Dodgers? The Dodgers front office was well known to like Arenado’s game. There is a multiple tiered effect.


Part of the Dodgers not going all in this off-season for free agent Bryce Harper was largely speculated to be about trying to lock up Nolan Arenado in free agency after 2019. Now that Nolan Arenado is clearly not available–is it time for the Dodgers to move all in for Bryce Harper? The Dodgers were clearly still interested in Harper. Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts met with him personally in Las Vegas not two days ago. Originally it was reported that the Harper camp wanted a longer contract than the Dodgers were offering. Consequently the question is, what else are the Dodgers saving up their capital for? Nolan Arenado is no longer a target.

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The Bryce Is Right?

Nolan Arenado didn’t reach the ‘300 million’ plateau that Manny Machado did with the Padres. However, his 32.5 AAV is higher than Manny Machado. Only a handful of players are in that 30 million dollar range. Now that Nolan Arenado and Manny Machado have jumped into that status, does this drive up the price of Bryce Harper?

Arenado famously dropped Scott Boras as his agent back in 2015. Scott Boras is absolutely the type of man to ‘keep score.’ It can be absolutely inferred that it’s in Scott Boras’s best interest to drive up the price of Harper. The question is, will the Dodgers find a way to put a blue jersey on Bryce? It’s been reported wildly (like wildfire I should say) that Bryce Harper and his family prefer the west coast. Whether this is hearsay in this wild offseason is impossible to determine.

AJ Gonzalez

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  1. If any team can absorb the Harper contract, however it turns out to be, Dodgers can certainly afford it, despite what Freidman may think. And he’s the 1 additional LHB that I would bring on board, as he won’t be platooned for one thing and he has shown he can handle LHP, which BTW IS THE KEY for this year’s offense.

    1. I totally agree, Paul. In addition, it may free up a player or two who might be traded if we decide to go after a left-handed reliever or another starter who can buttress our front line pitching in the wake of Kersh’s woes. Go Blue!!!!

  2. Why is everyone in love with Harper? I just don’t get it. The guy is a head case. He disappears for weeks and months at a time. I know it’s an archaic stat, but the dude hit .249 last year! Please explain to me what makes him worth that much more than everyone else.

  3. I think we need to add something to the offense come playoff time.We just don’t hv the guns to compete w the AL’S super teams.I think Harper does that for us.We didn’t get better at all this offseason.This would def do it.Harper,Pollock and Belli in The OF.Wow…..imagine having to pitch to Seager,Turner and Harper in a row would be a nightmare.I think we def need him badly.They could use Joc and a few more and grab a good reliever too.Im not sold on Kelly.Id still rather hv Belli,Harper and Verdugo out there tho.Verdugo will def get playing time cos Pollock stays hurt constantly.Were def gonna need extra production cos the C position ain’t gonna produce and that’s another reason to sign him.Itd help Cody get a lot more pitches to hit too Having Bryce in front of him.Cmon Guys!!!!

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