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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks Spring Debut In Right Field

It’s already known that Cody Bellinger is going to see extended playing time in 2019. Moreover, his play in right field becomes a crucial part of that. While Bellinger played the position extensively in the minor leagues – he’s notched just 10 appearances and three starts there in his big league career.

On Tuesday, Bellinger spoke with our friend Alanna Rizzo of Sportsnet Los Angeles. This interview followed up a spring training debut that saw Bellinger go 0 for 2 with a walk.

Rizzo asked Bellinger what is the most important thing to get out of spring training.

Health, most importantly. And just getting comfortable in every aspect of the game. Whether it’s hitting or defense or pinch-running, every aspect of the game.

Presumably, Bellinger was probably most emphasizing playing his new position for the first time at the start of a season.

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Rizzo asked Bellinger about how his back felt in his first action of the year.

Just stiffness and soreness. It wasn’t that bad, and it isn’t even March yet so it was kind of fun for me to practice and do everything I needed to do.

Without question, it’s good to see Cody Bellinger back on the field; embarking on a new journey in his young career. I can’t wait to write up that first Bellinger bomb post, and then about 40 or so thereafter.

Welcome back to Dodger baseball, Cody.

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  1. I know Bellinger played RF in the minors and when the Dodgers brought him up to the Majors, he has played 1B, CF and RF. If I’m remember correctly he turned his ankle playing RF in Pittsburgh. If I could mention to the Dodgers FO, I would have played Bellinger out of his normal position at Dodger Stadium, being familiar with the home field. I’m sure somebody can tell me there are nuances, especially at the Major-league level going from 1B(infield) to OF(CF or RF). You just can’t put people out of position just because. Now this is just fantasy-land, but IF the Dodgers signed Harper to play RF, would Belling go back to 1B? Where do play Muncy, 2B??

    1. Good day Robin. First thing is .did I ever get a ton of snow fall in my hometown of Grants Pass, Oregon! Amazing being this late in the Winter. Ok, IMHO is is a real shame to even consider Bellinger playing in the OF just to accommodate Muncy, It’s ridiculous and him having to be in a musical chair position of going from INF to OF DOES and perhaps WILL affect his offense.

  2. Clint, let me just say that Dodgers are making an error in judgement by asking Bellinger to play RF. But if Dodgers sign Harper, then he should be able to return to 1st and then if they are not comfortable with Muncy and that potential platooning at 2nd base then Muncy makes a great trade candidate to go to a team in the AL where he can DH.

    1. PaulDodgerFan1965. IF the Dodgers were to trade Muncy to an AL-team, ideally, where he could DH, what would the return be? I know I’m asking you speculate/guess. Could a front-line starting pitcher be possible, bull-pen help, minor-league prospect(s) or position player? Wouldn’t a team be thinking that Muncy wouldn’t duplicate 35 hrs? I’ve already mentioned to you that IMO, Muncy Will regress i.e. Taylor, and Bellinger from 2017 to 18(I know I’m being “debbie-downer”).

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