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Dave Roberts Defends Using Chris Taylor Late in Dodgers Loss to Padres

Chris Taylor has gotten off to the worst start of his career in 2024. The Dodgers utilityman only has one hit in 37 plate appearances and has struck out 17 times.

While the top of the order boasts the best OPS in baseball, it cannot mask Taylor’s struggles as of late. In a game on Friday against the San Diego Padres, Taylor led off the bottom of the 11th inning with the Dodgers needing to score a run to stay in the game.

Quite predictably, he popped up a Robert Suarez fastball into foul territory for the first out. The Dodgers would go on to lose the game eight to seven.

Having Taylor come up in that spot raised questions among the media and fans. Especially when Dodgers manager Dave Roberts opted to pinch-hit Kiké Hernández for James Outman and Miguel Rojas for Gavin Lux.

After the game, Roberts offered to the media the following explanation about batting Taylor in that spot,

He’s got to find his way. Chris has come up with big hits. So you’ve got to ride the guys, run them out there, and hopefully they find their way.

Dave Roberts via Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times

Roberts does have a point, Taylor has had some huge moments for the Dodgers. He has a career .800 OPS in the playoffs, highlighted by his walk-off home run against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2021 Wild Card game.

However, at this point in the season, it’s hard to watch Taylor walk up to the plate and struggle. He can’t seem to catch up to the fastball and only induces weak contact when he does connect with the ball. How much longer can the Dodgers give at-bats to someone who just is not producing?

Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. He needs to ride it out on another team. .031 batting average. 17 strikeouts for 32 at bats. Has been on a downward spiral since getting that new contract. Pathetic decision by Roberts.

      1. He has ZERO trade value. Is it any wonder Dodgers haven’t won multiple W.S. titles under Dave Clueless ?

    1. The best players that do good after getting ” the bag” …. When they get their $50-700MM , they lock it up s.d don’t think about. Betts is always hungry, he always working, challenging himself, learning growing….
      When someones paying u ump teen millions, u do this! Maybe FT3 is(?) , he does do A LOT for charity n stuff. Maybe let Wifey do all that, and u watch more tape,. and get a trainer? .. yeah?

  2. Trading Busch was a huge mistake. They never gave him a chance to play except for spot call ups here and there. He should have been converted to an Oufielder and been able to play either corner whichever he was better at. Big mistake. Taylor has not hit in three seasons and Hayward old and getting older. Very disappointed.

  3. Wait …. Who was it who went 0-40 last year???? … Oh yeah, Trayce Thompson! Yeah, we traded that bum off ( he sucked with White Sox after that too… I don’t know where he’s at now?? In Korea I think? But yeah, FT3 needs to go!

  4. I agree Taylor should not have batted against the Padres, given his .031 batting average and his 50 percent strikeout rate. At most he should be used in non critical situations.
    On another item, where was Yarbough when Yamamoto needed relief? In Yamamoto’s earlier start he pitched five innings and Yarbrough pitched the final four in a victory. This time Roberts Ignored Yarbrough and used several other relievers who managed to blow the game while Yarbrough collected dust in the bullpen. Roberts should be charged with the Loss?

  5. Oh relax. What a bunch of impatient whiners. CT won’t hit .031 forever and Heyward will be back soon.

  6. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for management to confront a player who probably is a friend and verbalize that his position is going to change whether that is a demotion or even a release. That player is probably a very close friend to most of the players in the club house. However, it is a business. I guess that is where Chris Taylor is.

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