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Dave Roberts: Inside the Meeting with Bryce Harper

Dodger fans got their hopes up when it was reported that the Dodgers front office personnel had met with Bryce Harper and Scott Boras. Instead, we were ultimately let down as Harper went on to sign a 13-year pact with the Philadelphia Phillies worth $330 million.

Now looking back in hindsight, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was able to provide some details regarding the meeting with the superstar.

According to Roberts, the engagement consisted of Bryce Harper, his wife Kayla, and Scott Boras’s team meeting with him and key members of the Dodgers’ front office, namely Andrew Friedman.

In the Jim Rome Show interview, Roberts also went on to say that he “thought it went really well”. However, from the start it seemed like Harper to Los Angeles was a bit far-fetched even though the odds in Vegas said differently. The meeting could have gone extraordinarily well and still the Dodgers could have come up short, as they did.

Something that I personally loved to hear out of our skipper is that the Dodgers are “gonna get him out this year [Harper]”.

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The Dodgers viewed Bryce Harper as a luxury, something there was no questions about. With the depth of the currently constructed roster, a contract north of a $30M average annual value seemed unnecessary.

An already crowded outfield mix of Joc Pederson, AJ Pollock, and Cody Bellinger among others, seems to be already formidable.

Even though watching Harper at Chavez Ravine would have been fantastic, the meeting only appeared to be a “kicking of the tires”.


Daniel Preciado

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      1. I am just not sure at this time I would call the Dodger OF ‘formidable’. 3 LHB and 1 RHB. Let’s see here…Pederson, who is having an awful Spring and Verdugo yet unproven , but still believing that he will automatically hit both RH and LH up here in MLB.. guess what, the minors are the minors and nothing is guaranteed up in the big leagues.

  1. Welcome Daniel, and best of luck. Small world….my grandson is a sport management major at Syracuse, and I grew up in Whittier.

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