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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Shares Latest On Kershaw’s Health On Jim Rome Show

The news has really shifted focus from potential free agent targets to the health of those the Dodgers have in-house. Furthermore, Clayton Kershaw is front and center of those updates.

Manager Dave Roberts appeared on the Jim Rome Show to give an update on the latest regarding Kershaw’s health.

Here’s what Roberts told Rome regarding the Dodgers iconic left-hander.

My first thought was talking to Clayton and seeing how is he mentally and how he’s dealing with it. For me he’s one of the greatest pitchers of our generation. He was optimistic that we were going to get through this and it’s a little speed bump. The last week he’s played catch and feels really good. I just talked to him 20 minutes ago. When he’s ready, he’s ready. To put a timeline on it would be silly.

Of course, this comes at the same time as a series of tweets that seemed grim, and then provided positive outlook by days end.

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First the grim tweet that came from Ken Gurnick around the time you were eating breakfast on Monday.

Now, the good news after the throwing session that took place later in the afternoon.

Moreover, this is sounding on the up and up. While Kershaw is no lock for regular season game one – it sounds like he’s trending in the right direction. Any injury situation to a professional fluid is day-to-day and fluid. Still, it’s nice to hear that Kershaw ended Monday feeling excited.

We will continue to monitor and track all avenues of news regarding Kershaw’s health.

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  1. If Kershaw can get to 50 pitches before the end of his last ST game…he gets his 9th starting day opener for the Dodger record.

  2. Very unfortunate news!!!!! However, based on his last few years, Kershaw’s physical health has been of major concern. I can only hope he rebounds from what is ailing him. In the interim, I might make a call and find out about Dallas Keuchel. No need to rush into any deal, but it would be nice to see what he might be asking…………………………lets call it an insurance policy!!!!! Go Blue!!!

      1. Good early Wednesday morning, AZUL!!!! I agree with you about Buehler 100%!!!! The young man is going to have a fine career with us. If we can get some hitting production from Ruiz and Smith, I will be a happier camper. Martin is showing his age and its only March 5. Give a hearty hello to PD Jr.!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  3. Roberts is sounding more and more like today’s politicians. Never a direct answer. Plenty of ambiguities. Good grief…it’s like talking in circles. To me this spells “not good news”. If it was truly good news Roberts wouldn’t be speaking in tongues.

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