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Baseball America Has Bold Predictions For The Dodgers

One of the most fun parts of the preseason other than trade speculation is hope. Hope that your team will perform above and beyond the previous year. The hope that your team will be the ones hoisting the Commissioner’s Trophy at their parade in their hometown. And Baseball America is once again providing Dodgers fans with that hope.

As a part of their annual staff predictions roundtable, some of the experts gave their thoughts on the Dodgers’ upcoming season. It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles was unanimously picked to take home the NL West title yet again. With the Diamondbacks entering a sort of rebuild, the only real threat is Colorado. And even they are too short on pitching to realistically give the Dodgers a hard time.

NL West

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Colorado Rockies
  3. San Diego Padres
  4. San Francisco Giants
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks

In Case You Missed It

The other teams listed as playoff favorites are the Nationals, Cubs, Braves, and Brewers. The only difference from last season would be that the Nationals make the playoffs and the Rockies do not. In the AL, they had the Yankees, Indian, an Astros all winning their divisions with Boston and the Angels getting in via the wild card.

In terms of awards, not one Dodgers player was listed as a top three candidate. This includes MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year. But the most interesting part of the entire report was in the section on World Series odds.

Of the eight participants from Baseball America, three of them had the Dodgers taking home the World Series title. Two others had the Dodgers losing their third straight World Series, either to the Astros or the Red Sox. Given the PECOTA predictions we saw last month, these outcomes would seem to be right on target. The Dodgers certainly look like the favorites to win the National League pennant, it’s just a question of how far they can go beyond that.

Back-to-back World Series losses hurt bad, but losing three straight would be much more difficult to stomach.




  1. Dodgers bargain shopping and window shopping Dodger beat Dodger better luck next decade

    1988 and counting

    1. Kershaw- $31 million
      Homer Bailey- $23 million
      Jansen- $19.3 million
      Turner- $19 million
      Rich Hill- $18.7 million
      Hyun-jin Ryu- $17.9 million
      Joc Pederson- $5 million

      ….yeah sounds like a real bargain

    1. Know it all dieselfarts critiquing opinions yet provides nothing special of his own. You sound familiar, you wouldn’t happen to be that fat brokebackmountainman from would you? lol

  2. Several years ago, Friedman said the Dodgers were about to embark on a historic run of success. Losing three WS in a row would be historic, only the Tigers and Giants have done that and it was more than a century ago.

    1. Nothing in baseball is guaranteed and the rest of the NL West will be out to knock Dodgers out and will play them tougher than they will the rest of the league. No predictions from me for the WS at this time.

  3. The next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing. Of course I want the Dodgers to win the WS but would rather have them there and lose than not make it to the dance at all.

    1. Mark, I get what you’re saying but I thus would like to see that if Dodgers get to the WS again that the pitching staff can do a much better job at keeping the baseball in the yard as opposed to the 23 HR’s they served up in the 12 games combined in these past 2 WS

    2. You shouldn’t want them to become the 90’s buffalo bills just cause it’s better than everyone else in the league. It’s an embarrassment to lose the World Series every year and you become the laughing stock of the sport. I’d rather they stay out until they are legitimately better than what both the AL and NL have to offer

  4. Both loses of the WS are to be blamed on Roberts and the FO their game planing and them running amok on a different line-up screwed LA and California the Trophy….. Game #7 of the 2017 classic, Roberts should never had started Darvish, I would have rather he try a BP game then start Darvish. But what happen, happened..

    Then in last years WS… Roberts sitting all four of his big bats in game #1 then in game #4 going out there and pulling Hill and then saying he was only going out to talk to him, If the manager has something to say to the pitcher send your pitching coach, don’t go out there after he walks the first guy, I would have thought you were coming out to pull me…. Hill had only gave up one hit…. I do not care how many wins the red sox had in the Regular season… I believe that The Dodger’s, were the better team in both 2017 and 2018 and it was the FO and the Manager that gave both those series away…

  5. Dodgers lost better players than they signed after losing the World Series. Might beat the National League again, but current team is an underdog to Astros, Red Sox, and probably Yankees too! I’m a Dodger fan and hate to say it. Keeping it real. I can’t believe ownership didn’t put this team over the top to win. Shows the arrogance of thinking they’ll continue to make it. While also testing loyal Dodger fans who make them tops in attendance every year. They like those profits from the 8 billion dollar tv deal. I hope they get Kluber and Kimbrel and prove me wrong. I’d love to tell everyone how wrong I was and still be able to celebrate achampionship. Hard when I think the manager is a puppet that never coaches with his gut. Allowing rookie manager former Dodger cora to out manage him in every facet of the game.

    1. Why do they need Kimbrel? Keuchel, I would take a chance on, since he is still lingering out there. Kershaw will not be himself this year, if he ends up pitching at all. I have a nagging fear he will end up with surgery.

      I agree that the front office is to blame for both Series losses. The constant platooning and bullpen shuffling might have gotten them there, but they didn’t make adjustments to their strategies. Deciding ahead of time that Jansen was going to pitch two innings in a game, despite the circumstances, is foolish and stubborn. They need to evaluate and re-evaluate as they go along, not cling to rigid plans.

  6. I don’t get the hate comments above. I doubt anyone above has been a Dodger fan since 1955, so I’m angry and frustrated with the past 30 years, especially 2017, when the WS was fixed for the city of Houston.

    1. It was fixed you got that right. That whole year the Dodgers were so great at comebacks and piling on runs because they worked a count like no other team drawing their walks getting base runners and then forcing the pitchers in the zone which resulted in the big hit or homerun. However in the WS mlb took that away from them by having umpires give the ASStros pitchers an inch or 2 off the plate making it nearly impossible to put together big innings which was our identity all year, it took a lot just to push 7 games. You combine the FIX with the fact Roberts made a bonehead move in game 2 which turned out to be a domino effect for the whole series, Darvish folding completely, Kershaw blowing 2 leads in game 5 creating a second domino effect and compete deflation of the team and you got yourself a disasterous ws loss. MLB was against us but the Dodgers shot themselves in the foot as well

  7. You can blame the front office all you want, but the inability for two of our biggest stars to come through is the real reason we lost to Houston. If Kenley comes through in game 2 and if Kershaw didn’t twice blow 4-run leads in the same game, we would have won the World Series. Simple as that.

  8. No predictions from me this evening!!! I have already stated I do not think we are as strong as we were the past two years. Go Blue!!!

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