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Dave Roberts on A.J. Ellis Trade and Carlos Ruiz Expectations

When the news dropped on Thursday that A.J. Ellis had been traded for Carlos Ruiz, the internet exploded. Dodger fans were feeling every emotion out there, confused and hurt being at the forefront; however, now that the dust has settled, it’s time to really analyze the trade and think with our brains instead of our hearts.

A great place to start with this process is with Dave Roberts’ interview he did with MLB Network Radio on Friday. The interview was centered around his feelings about the trade and what he expects from Carlos Ruiz moving forward. Here are some of the highlights!

A.J. was a player that really got it… Every day he prepared and didn’t take it for granted.

He’s going to be missed, but a lot of what A.J. brought to the Dodgers is the same thing that Chooch, Carlos Ruiz, brought to the Phillies.

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If you also have an opportunity, in your opinion to make yourself a little better then that’s what we’re going to do… We wouldn’t have done this if we didn’t feel that Chooch brings a lot of the same qualities that A.J. brought to our clubhouse.

Chooch is going to be our backup catcher… and if it lines up with a left handed pitcher… we’re going to get Chooch out there tonight and get his feet wet in a Dodgers uniform.

With Carlos Ruiz making his Dodgers debut on Friday against the Cubs, what should fans expect? Well, you should expect a consistent at-bat with a similar knowledge of the game that A.J. Ellis brought to the team. Oh yeah, he also has quite the gun for an arm!

Listen to the full interview here!

Losing A.J. is difficult, but let’s not blame Carlos Ruiz for that! Ruiz is an established veteran who has a lot to offer. Hopefully his world series experience and his talent can help lead the team in this crucial playoff race.

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  1. Great example that these Nerds are statistic rather than people based. This Team has overcome incredible injuries and line up changes. So after they have bonded together and are WINNING and are in first place and playing the Giants you CUT THEIR HEART OUT!! Stupid Stupid Stupid….
    If left handed hitting was so important Please explain the Reddick trade? Even if he were hitting, which he is NOT, he had not hit his weight against left handed pitchers, and by the way he is a little bitty guy so he is SOUTH of the Mendoza line…..
    This trade sucks the Front Office has again showed they are number rather than baseball baed.
    And I am sure that Jansen with his contract due who was very upset and Kershaw who has an option after next year will remember this and treat the Dodgers as just another suitor rather than their Home Team..Their will be NO Home Team discount because the Front Office has shown there is NO loyalty to players….Stupid Stupid..

    In the few games left this year you are telling me Ruiz makes that much difference?
    by the way if Ellis is catching I would bet you he calms Jansen down and you do not have a wild pitch and lose the game.

    So far Friedman’s move has lost us two critical games. What an idiot…

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