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Dave Roberts On Cody Bellinger Being Demoted To Minors: ‘We Aren’t There Yet, But…’

The Los Angeles Dodgers are flourishing. On Sunday they completed a sweep of the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field with a 10-7 victory. Now at 29-30 on the season, the team is just two and a half games out of first place. One might figure with the Dodgers climbing the standings, their 2017 Rookie of the Year standout Cody Bellinger would be a major part of the success. However, running counterintuitive to the team’s success; Bellinger is in the midst of the worst slump a player can be in.

Prior to Sunday’s game with the Rockies, Dave Roberts was asked by Alanna Rizzo about Bellinger’s slump. Roberts’ answer is worth listening to, and he seemed to leave the door open to something that would surprise some.

Indeed, Roberts did not say that it’s a non-possibility that Cody Bellinger could be demoted to the minor leagues if things continue onward.

So what kind of rough sledding has it been for Bellinger? You may want to be sitting down for this.

What’s more, we are to that point in the conversation where it must be mentioned that baseball is a results-oriented business. In brief, no matter how much the Dodgers want to market Bellinger as a superstar right now; the performance must be behind it to back up the branding.

The team has tried giving days off. Bellinger has adjusted his stance and mechanics. No matter the change, nothing has become a solve.

The Fan Base Casts Their Vote

We ran two polls prior to the game on Sunday. One of the polls asked when you expect Bellinger’s performance to return to normal. The other poll wanted your input on whether these struggles should be worked out at the big league level or in the minor leagues.

Here are the results to each:

Dodgers fans as a whole would like to see Bellinger demoted. By comparison, Los Angeles fans feel like Bellinger’s performance will be back to a degree by the All-Star break. Equally important, it’s nice to see that just nine percent feel like Cody is broken forever.


This is a tough situation to break down because it’s unprecedented. I challenge anyone to find me a situation in baseball history where a player has set league records as a rookie and then looked like he forgot how to hit in year two. You may struggle to do so. My opinion is that you simply must stick with the girl who brought you to the dance. This young man put the team on his back in 2017. He has earned the right to work out his problems with veterans like Matt Kemp and Justin Turner in his ear in 2018.

The most unfortunate part of the entire situation is the voice in my head that keeps saying what could be. If Bellinger was close to being the player we have seen him be – the Dodgers likely find a way to win the division. Lastly, I spoke to a scout of another team briefly via text message over the weekend. I asked him his thoughts on Bellinger. His reply was short and simple. The man said that the ability did not go away, it’s still in the player. He concluded that this was mostly mental – and it has crept into becoming physical with things like mechanical adjustments. The scout would not recommend a demotion of Bellinger at the present time.

This organization must simple find a way to slow the game down for Cody Bellinger. The season may depend on it.

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  1. He might be like a Puig situation. Never the same with rare occasions of good hitting. The Dodgers hang on too much for their own good. Pederson has taken forever and the Kiki’s and Forseyth’s bring the team down.

    1. I am frustrated and to a degree, surprised by his 2018 thus far. That said, his ceiling is way too high for me to be close to giving up on him at age-22 or entertaining the idea that he may never have success again.

    1. I think this raises a great point, Ronald. I have told several people recently that I think he arguably looks worse in the box since the stance adjustment. Go back to comfort and what you know Cody. He had success at one point with his stance he broke into the big leagues with. They should be able to find a way to slow the game down for him – and just tell him the approach going forward is “do what you’re comfortable with”. We don’t need him thinking about adjustments and mechanics while in the box.

  2. Truly an Amazing Article (excuse) for Bellinger. Had this individual MLB Player been PUIG, it would have resulted in a different story long ago. PUIG would have been already a Regular in OKC. But not Bellinger…. No Way Jose….. The fact of the matter is this…. Bellinger is a “One-Time-Wonder”….. He has shot his wad (2017) and now is a “One Time Blunder”. When is Roberts along with senior management going to wake-up. The front office doesn’t want to surrender this Blunder to OKC because of potential ticket sales and other assorted revenues associated with Bellinger, his contract and family. He has become the “Strike-Out-King” of the Dodger organization and has already proven his ability to falter and fail against all MLB league pitching (W/S Record for S/O’s). Now Roberts has a special excuse for Bellinger (his favorite)…. It’s mechanical glitches…, inexact timing…, and lefty pitching…. Oh, For Heavens Sake. Please…. You put it all together and you have a “One-Time-Blunder”. This Professional MLB Player is Never going to rebound unless he is sent to OKC for Rehabilitation and for a reality wake-up call. Dodger Fans….. Remember the 1996 Dodger Rookie of the Year named “Todd Hollingsworth”. He was a On Time Wonder and Blundered for the remaining short months with the Dodgers thereafter. Bellinger is no different…. Send him down to AAA baseball in OKC, so he could regroup his personal and professional issues before he destroys the Dodger Line-up with his “defeatist conduct and behavior”.

    1. It was Hollandsworth, not Hollingsworth. Why can’t people ever get his name right?

    2. You’re the type of “fan” that probably calls Jansen, “Jensen.” Yep, you’re one of those! Bellinger is going to be fine, and he WILL get sent down to OKC to work on his swing. Roberts is totally right, his timing is off, and he is in need of some mechanical adjustments. Bellinger is a star in the making, and he will bounce back with no problem. Get a grip man!

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