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Dodger Stadium Could Be Limited to 100 Fans by Opening Day

Dodger Stadium might be one step closer to hosting fans in the 2021 season. The latest update from the state is that teams playing under certain tiers will be limited in their capacity, per The LA Times

With California’s tiered color system, teams that play in the purple tier cannot admit more than 100 fans. Those teams are also not allowed to sell food or drinks under the guidelines. Fans that live outside of the region are not permitted entrance into games either. As of right now, Dodger Stadium in within the purple tier. 

In order for Los Angeles county to move to the red tier, it would need to average less than 7 positive cases per 100,000 residents. Those test numbers are accounted for daily. Orange County is on the verge of moving into the red tier, which would allow them to host at 20 percent capacity. If LA gets there, Dodger Stadium will be allowed to host over 11,000 fans. 

President and CEO Stan Kasten had this to say about the latest update from Gavin Newsom and the state of California. 

Like the Governor, we’re optimistic that California will continue to make progress in the fight against COVID-19 and that we can safely host fans to start the season. Safety is paramount, and the Dodgers continue to work with local officials and Major League Baseball to finalize protocols to protect players, fans and staff.

Obviously, holding 100 fans in Dodger Stadium seems unrealistic at this point. The price point alone would be enough to deter most fans, despite not seeing live baseball for over a year. But if Los Angeles can continue to trend in the right direction, we could see fans back very soon. 

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Counties that are able to successfully transition to the orange tier are able to host at 1/3 capacity. That would require less than 4 positive cases per 100,000 residents a day. 

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  1. “Dodger Stadium Could Be Limited to 100 Fans by Opening Day.” Big whoopee! At this stage of the game, 100 so-called fans could fit in Kasten’s precious elevator.

  2. Couldn’t we just speed up the recall of Newsom. Then we could really have fans in Dodger stadium.

  3. Hand out masks and small bottle of hand sanitizer at gait and let them on 35,000 people. Are going to want to watch the ring ceremony and perhaps Claytond opener as a Dodger

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