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Dodger Stadium Ranks Among the Most Expensive Stadiums to Visit in MLB

There are very few things that I am looking forward to more than getting to take in a game at Dodger Stadium. Once the COVID-19 pandemic gets to a point where fans are allowed, fans will no doubt flock to Chavez Ravine as soon as possible.

If you’re one of those fans, be warned that catching a game at Dodger Stadium is going to cost you. In a recent ranking of MLB stadiums by a sportsbook, they found that a trip to the Ravine is among the most expensive in all of baseball. 

Dodgers Stadium came in ranked as the 9th most expensive place to take in a ballgame. Tenessee Sports Bets used a standard of admission, two beers, a hot dog, and parking to figure out which stadiums cost the most. 

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The average cost to attend a game at Dodger Stadium using that standard came in at just over $70 per person. Obviously, those costs are differnt depending on what your typical routine is for attending a ballgame. But for me, this is about as accurate as it can get when figuring out the normal cost. 

The study found that Cubs fans pay the most having to attend games at Wrigley Field, averaging close to $110 per person. 

Other Dodger Stadium News

Dodger Stadium is currently serving as a distribution site for the COVID-19 vaccine. After previously being used as a testing lcoation, they made the adjustment this month to dsitrubte the vaccine in mass. Angelenos looking to get more information on vaccines should visit the public health website for updates.

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  1. Way, before winning the WORLD SERIES, I remember vividly, Kasten saying, “we are doing this for the fans.” I said Bs back then and still now. He and the rest of his clan made those additions to the stadium,- (some had to be made), – but most of it, was for them to make more $$$.

    1. Yeah, full around walkways, 2 huge elevators with handicap access, new behind bleachers concourses and standing room vision onto the field will force fans to pay exactly nothing!! Kasten and staff have improved the fan experience and fans and families more to do while at the park. If not for the 2020 panedemic, the Dodgers fans would have enjoyed a full on All-Star Game, the entire home field playoff run and happily paid for all that because of the Championship that ensued.

      Dodgers fans know the expense and cost of attending and tickets, YET help the Dodger LEAD attendance figures every year for the last decade. There’s tremendous numbers of fans in Los Angeles who will pay to attend games. There are many games where tickets are less expensive during the week so everyone had options on what they want to pay. Also, Dodgers do not restrict you from taking food and bottled water in if you want to. So if you are thrifty, buy 3-4 Costco Hot Dogs, bring some bottled water, get some Dodgers branded peanuts at your local grocery store and splurge on a beer or two at the park with the money you save.

      I’m happy to support the Dodgers both as a team and a business. The Dodgers brought back a Championship and have been competitive for 8 straight years and look to continue into the future. You can always watch games in Tampa, Miami, or elsewhere if you don’t want to spend any money.

  2. I guess it’s cheaper in Tampa Bay, Oakland, and other stadiums that are outdated, poorly conceived, in a state of disrepair, and lack a fan base. That’s why you see so many empty seats in the stands. The Dodgers routinely lead the MLB in attendance because they routinely renovate one of the oldest stadiums in baseball, and field competitive teams.
    I guess it’s supply and demand, and quality of the product offered. Ninth on the list doesn’t seem that bad for a team that routinely makes it to the WS, and won it all last year. But the Rays are completive too, and we’re in the WS last year as well. And Oakland was in the postseason too. But their stadiums are terrible so they don’t draw fans, and have to lower prices just to get fans to show up.

  3. A long time before the Dodgers, won the WORLD SERIES, Kasten said, “it’s about the fans.” I said bs back then and I still do. Some upgrades were necessary, but you, Kasten and your clan did it for the $$$. Now with Bauer and his fee of $102 MIL, be prepared to pay even MORE for a DodgerDog. McCheap might have had a house in Malibu, but the everyday fan, certainly can not afford Malibu type prices.

  4. Well as long as they invest it in quality players it’s fine. Yes it’s expensive enough to keep me away from the stadium. But watching mookie betts and know Trevor Bauer on tv it’s it’s awesome.

  5. SHOW ME THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Dodgers need to make sure that if fans come back to the stadium in 2022 they have huge promotion give away’s beer and food costs will never come down the 4 million fans who are loyal each need to be taken care of or they will just pay for SPECRUM CABLE and Call it a day !

  6. I imagine the big payroll for 2021 will have an effect but they are also doing business in the second most expensive city in the most expensive state (sometimes is #2 behind New York) in the United States. I haven’t done a breakdown yet to see what percentage of what we pay to see the Dodgers has something to do with a tax, but last time I did that in 2012, it was 24%. I probably won’t do it again, it is what it is and it costs what it costs to go (If we ever can this year)

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