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Dodger Stadium Ranked Way Too Low in Fan Survey

Dodger Stadium is one of my favorite places to go on earth. Sure, parking is a pain, and getting in and out of the stadium is difficult, but that hasn’t changed my love for Chavez Ravine. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fans who do not agree. 

The Athletic conducted a fan survey on the best ballparks in baseball and included criteria such as atmosphere, amenities, skyline, aesthetics, and location. Dodger Stadium came in at an astounding 18th place overall among the 29 ballparks. The new Globe Life Field was not rated since no one has really been there yet. 

Dodger Stadium got it’s lowest grade based on location, which I guess is fair to say. Placed right at the peak of Elysian Park and surrounded by freeways, it’s not exactly in the most convenient of locations. But still, it’s hard to beat those views. One voter commented on the ballpark and talked about everything good at Chavez Ravine.

There is nothing in the world more aesthetically pleasing to me than watching the good guys in crisp white uniforms jogging across the neatly-cut green grass…

We couldn’t agree more, random voter. To have Dodger Stadium come in 18th place in this vote is tragic. As the third-oldest stadium in baseball though, it was in need of some upgrades, which it got this offseason. The $100 million renovations would likely put Dodger Stadium right back near the top, but fans have not yet been able to experience those upgrades. 

Oracle Park finished as the top-ranked stadium in all of baseball, and Tropicana Field came in dead last. In case you were wondering, Angel Stadium came in at 24th, per fan votes. 


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  1. This is a “what ever” type of poll. For one how many of these so called voters can say they have been to more than 10 stadiums??? I’m a lifelong Dodger fan and have always loved Dodger stadium. I’m also an Oakland A’s season ticket holder. Also been to many stadiums in the US and in England and Germany. Went to see Byern Munich play home game Allianz Arena Vs Arsenal. We are sooo spoiled in the United States with our stadiums. Byern is one of the top FC in the world and I’ve never been in a worse stadium.

    1. I subscribe to The Athletic. In the poll, fans only voted on their home teams stadium in the following categories: location, overall quality, atmosphere, amenities, sightlines, aesthetics and overall. Dodger fans gave the stadium good marks in everything but location and amenities.There were only 3 stadiums that ranked worse in location.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love for dodger stadium amongst baseball fans and I don’t get it. They don’t have to think it’s the greatest but it should be considered top 4. I think visitors come here and judge the stadium based on the people they had to sit with. Perhaps people should save up a little more money before coming here.

  3. Been going to Dodger Stadium since ’65, with season tickets since ’67. Family still has them. Even though I’ve been in N. California since ’83, I get the MLB package just so I can watch my Boys in Blue, and be “at home”, in my favorite place ever!! It has changed, and I guess for the better. I’m old school and could have lived happily with no change at all. Looking out at the beautiful field, and of course my beloved palm trees… My Happy Place!!I If you haven’t been there, then polls don’t really mean much.

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