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Dodger Stadium Renovation Aerial Update: $100M Plaza Completed?

If this ain’t complete, I don’t know what is. On June 6 — nearly 3 months after the originally scheduled opening day completion date, the Dodger Stadium construction looks all but complete.

At least on the outside.


YouTube friend John Kay posted yet another new aerial view of the new $100M centerfield plaza and it was a sight to behold. Last we saw the ballpark, most of the buildings and landscaping up and completed.

And worry not, the iconic palms known as the “three sisters” have been returned to the postcard view of the stadium.

In this latest view, a keen eye (watching on full screen) can see the final touches in place. Beyond the right field pavilion a new sort of ode to the Yankees’ “monument park” can be seen under the stairs leading up to the bleacher seats. Additionally, the michelada fire truck and refurbished ice cream truck are settled into their new homes. Thankfully they’re on wheels if the club decides to move them.

Of the more obvious sights, the new concessions areas now feature benches and seating areas along with some kids play areas.

While the outside looks ready to go on the outside, the status of the new under-pavilion sports bar areas remains a question. The new restroom facilities on the second level are also a question mark. Dodgers VP of Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith had mentioned to in March that construction and fine-tuning would continue into the season — that is of course before the season was put on hold — but the park would be safely ready for baseball and for the needs of fans before March 26.

Moreover, Dodger Stadium was set to host the summer’s All-Star game but the coronavirus pandemic put a hold to that, at least for now. Rumors have surfaced that a potential November “midsummer classic” may still be in the works. That is if team owners and players can stop arguing with each other.

When you finally get back to Dodger Stadium, what are you most excited to see first?

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