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Dodger Stadium Ranks At the Top of All Ballparks for One MLB Pundit

For even the most casual fan of baseball, Dodger Stadium is iconic. In Los Angeles and in the sport itself, there are very few venues that carry as much history as Chavez Ravine. There is nothing quite like the view and feeling of being in one of the 56,000 seats on a gorgeous Southern California afternoon.

A few weeks back, readers of The Athletic gave Dodger Stadium an unfortunate ranking. Based on a number of factors, fans put it at number 18 out of the current 29 ballparks that fans have actually been to. Luckily, Marc Carig is here to correct that travesty. 

Carig wanted to rank the stadiums according to several factors, with ‘togetherness’ being near the top. He also wanted to make sure that individuality was at the forefront of conversation, obviously not a fan of cookie-cutter venues. In his mind, there is no stadium comparable to Dodger Stadium. 

Want a moment of awe? Go to the very top of the stadium and look down at the ballfield down below, and the mountains that form the backdrop, and the wavy pavilion roof over the outfield pavilion, and the colors of the seats that graduate from gold to blue — designed to mimic the setting sun over the ocean. Even the exterior landscaping is immaculate. It is a lasting example of mid-century modern design. It remains a jewel because it’s everything that a ballpark should be: beautiful, comfortable, and timeless.

Dodger fans are certainly familiar with that breathtaking moment of walking out onto the top deck and looking down at Chavez Ravine. Those beautiful mountains paired with the iconic wavy pavilion roof is enough to make you shed a few tears. Even walking up the stairs in the pavilions and looking out towards home plate is a view in of itself, and really gives you an idea of how massive Dodger Stadium is. 

We’re thankful to Carig and The Athletic for making these stadium rankings much better than the initial fan vote. We always think Dodger Stadium should be near the top, and having it at number 18 might have been the worst thing we’ve seen all year in baseball. The other stadiums in the top five were Wrigley Field, Oracle Park, Fenway Park, and Camden Yards. 

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  1. Dave,

    Don’t pick on these kids! They are only making a few (several) Millions of dollars and don’t have a clue how to handle a fairly easy situation. It all comes with common sense and an appreciation of what God has given them. They have no clue… they, as always will take the easy way out. And…not support the sport that gives them an opportunity.

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