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Dodger Stadium Renovation: Vin Scully Talks Us Through Ballpark Construction

So it seems more and more like baseball will not be played at Dodger Stadium in 2020… but it doesn’t mean that we all still don’t want to be there any way we can.

On Friday, the Dodgers gave us the best visit to the ballpark yet… with help from an old friend.

Yes, the legendary Vin Scully talked us through the latest and greatest at the venerable downtown LA institution. Of course, the ballpark was originally supposed to be open for business at the end of March for opening day. However, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the urgency for construction crews (among many other things).

Still, construction continues on as we get our first sneak peek of the new features under the pavilions.

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Progress has seemed slow at times throughout the offseason, but recently the new $100M centerfield plaza has really taken shape. Along with Vin, fans get their first look at the new pavilion bars that feature a view into the adjacent bullpen mounds.

Moreover, the imagery of the sportsbook-themed screens in the pavilion bar area really stand out. The video from the Dodgers’ official YouTube channel also gives us our first visual of the brand new vantage point above the batter’s eye.

The renovated pavilions also now feature a walking deck and standing room, bar-style seating at the top of the section, similar to other areas at the ballpark.

As Major League Baseball continues to plot and discuss it’s next move, we all wait for our return to Dodger Stadium, and a time that we can all say it’s time for Dodger baseball once again.

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