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Dodgers: 2020 All-Star Game Cancelled, Los Angeles to Host 2022

The news that we were all waiting to be officially is finally official. The 2020 All-Star Game, set to be hosted by the Dodgers, has been called off by Major League Baseball.

The news shouldn’t come as much of a shock, but some fans were hopeful that MLB would do something different this year to make up for no game. Dodgers fans were certainly hopeful that they would be awarded another game, but they will have to wait until 2022.

For the Dodgers, the timing of everything is less than ideal. The team put over $100 million worth of renovations into Dodger Stadium in a project that would have likely carried over into the regular season. With no games being played, construction slowed down and crews are basically done, minus a few lingering details. 

The Braves will host next year, but the All-Star Game will be back in Los Angeles in 2022. The Dodgers have not hosted an All-Star Game since 1980. The Angels hosted in 2010, but we’re not really calling that Los Angeles. 

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  1. What a joke this commissioner is. We’ve waited 40 years for the All-Star Game (last in LA was 1980). The Braves had the All-Star Game in 1972, 2000, and will have it again in 2021. LA had it in 1959, 1980, and was going to be 2020, now moved to 2022, which may not even have a season with all of the labor issues going into a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that is due. Plus we might have gotten cheated out of World Series in 2017 AND 2018 (by the Asstros and the Dead Sox). This commissioner definitely hates the Dodgers and/or Los Angeles. He needs to be replaced, immediately. Negotiating a new CBA with him, and the way he DOES NOT deal in good faith, as he did in the negotiations to restart the season this year show he needs to be out of baseball for his treason to the game. And if there is no All-Star Game in 2022, when will we, in Los Angeles, have another chance for one? Who knows? Probably at least not until 2060, if Rob Manfred has anything to say about it. What a clown. Replace Manfred NOW!!!! Before he kills baseball altogether!!

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