Dodgers 2021 Ticket Policy Revealed! Everything You Need to Know About Getting Tickets This Season!

The Los Angeles Dodgers revealed their initial regular season ticket policy in an email sent to season-ticket holders Thursday. We break down the policy and tell you everything you need to know about getting Dodger tickets this season.

Plus, how hard will it be to make it out to Dodger Stadium this year and is the policy fair to season-ticket holders?


Right off the bat, this is bad news for season ticket holders. In essence, season tickets are canceled through June 2nd. Instead, season ticket holders will be eligible to purchase 14-game ticket plans which still won’t guarantee them Opening Day tickets. For the home opener, STH’s will get access to a limited presale starting next week.

It’s safe to say that many long-time Dodger faithful are not happy. What do you think? Are the Dodgers being fair about this? Let me know in the comments below!


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Yes, it’s fair. With only 11,000 tickets out of 56,000 seats available, this is fairest way to handle it.

    1. You certainly must not be a season ticket holder. We have been them since 1962. NO, it is not fair.

      1. Oh, but I was!…Loge, right field. And since there’s only 11,000 to start the season with, let’s not be selfish. But I do say go back to the regular practice starting with the 2nd half of the season if we’re able to go back to normal capacity.

  2. Just because one isn’t a STH doesn’t mean they’re not as big a fan. Many fans can’t afford a ST and in my case I’m in the IE and it isn’t practical to drive to DS for every game during a normal season. The Dodger organization should come up with a scheme that all fans can have an opportunity to attends games this season.

    1. Why would the Dodgers not give STH priority for tickets? They paid in advance for a good and should receive that good, shouldn’t they? Everyone may not have the means to buy season tickets, but everyone has the opportunity. Where does it say that “big” dodger fans deserve or are entitled to tickets? Isn’t this just basic supply/demand? If the Dodgers weren’t very good, significantly less folks would be fighting over tickets.

      1. That’s the way the ol Dodger Dog droops, Mike. In a limited season there is no “Season Ticket”. And just because a person has an equal opportunity to buy a ST doesn’t mean they can or does it make it feasible to attend every game. There are a butt load of STHs that resale their tickets for profit – Is THAT fair? Just because you have ST doesn’t mean you’re a bigger fan than me. With that being said, it is only fair for every fan to have an opportunity. It’s not a typical season, homeboy.

        1. Oh O.K, I get it now. So according to your logic only the biggest Dodger fans should deserve tickets THIS season. Wouldn’t a somewhat accurate measure of how “BIG” a Dodger is, be someone who prepays thousands of dollars for season tickets??? Or in your book is a big dodger fan only someone who cries after they lose or cheers the loudest? No offense, but I bought STs, I will stand in my shower and light the tickets on fire if I want to, they are MY tickets…. Good luck with that sense of fairness, timmy.

          1. I didn’t say “Only the biggest Dodger fans deserve tickets this season. I’m saying in this irregular season all fans should have an opportunity to buy tickets. Hey! Mikey found something he didn’t like. Don’t worry bro, you still have your place in line for when a “Normal” season resumes. Good luck, Mike. We can all agree to disagree.

        2. Not worried at all Broski, quite the opposite actually. I got my STs for this year, and if you act fast, you might be able to grab a few online now, I’m stocking ’em deep and selling ’em cheap timothy.


          1. Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather sit in my recliner and watch form home than deal with that. Go ahead and high-five the cardboard cutout you’ll be sitting next to. We all hope next year will be different. However, we all know it will never be the same. It all sincerity, enjoy the games, Mike.

  3. I have been a season ticket holder for years sitting in Blue Reserved area and a 14 game plan is terrible and unacceptable .

  4. I am not a season ticketholder.

    But clearly those who are season ticketholders should have priority for the entire season over single-game purchasers, including for opening day.

    I think the Dodgers have made a strategic mistake with this action. Almost anybody would have understood giving season ticketholders priority, even if they didn’t like it; but this decision will only serve to create ill will among the Dodgers’ most loyal revenue-generating fans, their season ticketholders.

  5. Nobody’s going to be entirely happy until we can fill Dodger Stadium again, and start drawing 3 million fans per season again. But let’s enjoy a partial return to normalcy. I suggest a burn the cardboard cutouts day at Dodger stadium. And please eliminate the piped in fake crowd noise too. Let’s get back reality. Let the games begin. Go Dodgers.

  6. So we already paid for season tix for the entire year, and now they want us to buy 14 more games on top of the full season tix? And that just gets us into a lottery for opening day tix? How are they going to reimburse us for the entire season that we are not allowed to attend ? That we carried over from 2 years ago? Are they going to wait till the end of the season to reimburse us? Or force us to carry over again for another year? And hope life gets better by then? Next year it will be another scam to keep our money.

  7. This is utter b.s. My family has had season tickets since 1962. They take advantage of our loyalty and use our money and then come up with garbage like this.


    1. Then request your money back and move on. LAD org is not taking advantage of you just because you’re a STH, they’re trying to be fair to ALL fans. And quite frankly, nobody cares that you’ve had STs since 62. I don’t.

  8. look at Craigslist for tickets like vs Oakland A’s April 5,6, and 7th I see suite tickets for sale just take a little road trip to Oakland. Great way to enjoy the game

  9. I spoke with our ticket rep, who said that STH get the first opportunity to pick from two 14 day ticket blocks, which are in pods (2, 4 or 6 tickets) separated for social distancing. If you don’t like what’s being offered, you can get a refund for unused games or have a credit towards playoffs or following season. There will also be an opportunity to purchase any remaining single game pod ticket groups. Dodgers will be emailing STH with date for purchasing the tickets from two 24 day ticket blocks, which priority goes to higher price STH and within this, by seniority.

    Given the Covid/pod requirements, STH won’t be happy, but it is an equitable dolling out of tickets. We haven’t been to a game since Spring Training last year just before the lockdown, so we’re excited to see the Dodgers live again. I’m sure the locations of the pods will be less than ideal, but if you don’t like the locations, then don’t buy them. Getting opening day tickets via lottery is truly the only way to doll out these tickets between STH given there are not enough tickets to fill the demand. Moreover, I suspect many lucky STH, who get opening day tickets will be selling them for obscene profit on Stubhub, etc… GO DODGERS 2021!

  10. STH here. I’m disappointed that they won’t even tell us if they’re jacking up the prices for the 14 game schedules. I’ve asked and gotten a very vague and generic response which leads me to believe that the $ I paid for those games will now be $$ when they repackage them in to limited pods. Sure the season ticket prices didn’t go up officially, but is this the way they increase the season tickets on the DL? I hope I’m wrong and will find out tomorrow when I log in to buy my 14 game.

    Re: selling tix on SubHub for profit. To the people who think that having season tickets is a lucrative side hustle, I suspect that you haven’t tried to sell your tickets on a day that wasn’t a bobble head, opening day, or against the Yankees…when I can’t make a game (can’t make all 81 games because life) I try to list them. Coupled with the fees I’m lucky to end up getting half of what I paid for the tickets originally. I buy tix to go to the game. If I get ticket to opening day I’m sure as hell going, not selling. True blue.

  11. Talked to a dodger stadium guy yesterday. He said no food or drink, ( even water) can be brought in to the stadium on opening day. And the concession stands will not be open. Where does that make sense. We are expected to sit there for 3-4 hours and not be able to have water, sodas, beer, wine,?

  12. As a Dodger season ticket holder, and please leave your comments about entitlement out of this because I work hard to pay for those tickets every year. But the fact that they are not at least giving the lead name on each season ticket access to Opening Day, after waiting 31 years for a championship, is absolutely ludicrous and I will never forgive them. To not be guaranteed a ticket even with buying the 14 games disgusts me. I have never hated the Dodgers front office, ever, until now. They literally should give those seats to us for free, for allowing them to hold our interest bearing money for a year.

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