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Dodgers: Rich Eisen Show Argues That Los Angeles is a Lakers Town

Is Los Angeles a Dodgers town or are we more devoted to the Lakers? It’s a debate that has picked up steam over the last couple of months, brought on in part by the World Series win in October. But the debate appears to just be starting as the Lakers come back into the NBA spotlight with their Finals win. 

The Rich Eisen Show recently brought up this topic, and we have some thoughts. Eisen argued that this was a Lakers town and that there weren’t nearly as many people devoted to the Dodgers. The show also argued that there were not even Dodger flags on cars, which we all know is not true. 

Guys on the show also argued that the Dodgers’ World Series wasn’t legitimate since it was a 60-game season. Again, something pretty ridiculous. But the truth is that the Lakers do seem to have more national attention, which sort of happens with the history of players that have come through Los Angeles. 

A poll ran by The Rich Eisen Show had 4,187 people vote on it as of Tuesday night. Of those votes, 74 percent voted that Los Angeles was a Lakers town. Only 26 percent voted in favor of it being a Dodgers town. 

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My opinion? I’m a baseball fan first and foremost, so I am likely biased. But I see no need to differentiate. I don’t think that it needs to be a town devoted solely to the Lakers or the Dodgers. We are a fanbase thoroughly dedicated to our teams, and there is nothing that can change that. 

But I think we can all agree that we hate the Clippers.

Let’s go Dodgers. Let’s go Lakers. Let’s go LA.

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  1. LA has always liked its front runners. Remember the days of judging actors solely by the financial success of their movies? (Box Office Poison!) The Rams left and the Dodgers got mediocre. The Dodgers could have gained a lot of ground on the Lakers the last decade but the TV blackout hurt them.

  2. I stopped listening to Rich Eisen after he turned on JT after the World Series. I was getting tired of his rants and that was the last straw. He’s another talking head that is grasping at the rediculous to try and be relevant. I don’t care what he thinks so I just ignore him. My Dodger group has members from all around the globe. The pandemic hurt the Dodgers, the TV blackout hurt the Dodgers, but whose merchandise do you see everywhere? When fans are allowed back at the stadium, ans can afford seats to Dodger Stadium a whole lot easier than Staples, 16-18K vs 54K all season long. Numbers count.

  3. Dodgers own this town now. I know many Laker fans disgusted with the NBA, the Lakers and LeBron for what they have become. Dodgers win the 2021 WS and its set in stone – LA Dodgers!

  4. Not even when basketball was popular. Rich Eisen and the NBA are equally irrelevant.

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