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Dodgers: 3 Years Later, Boston Internet Personality Eats Crow Regarding Mookie Betts

You might be able to think way back when the Dodgers got Mookie Betts. Boston fans were obviously unhappy about it, given that he was the cornerstone of their franchise. But the Red Sox had no shot at re-signing him to a long-term deal, and he was sent off to Los Angeles with David Price. 

And what a wonderful time it has been ever since then. The Dodgers and their fans have fully embraced Mookie, proven by the massive contract they gave him before he ever played a game in Los Angeles. And Red Sox have had to sit by and watch. 

Initially, the narrative was that Mookie was miserable with his new team. The quiet way that he goes about his game and routine must have shown them that he didn’t want to be here somehow. Jared Carrabis, notable Boston sports personality, spearheaded that. 

But this week, we got to see Jared admit how wrong he was. It came in the Dodgers’ win over the Padres in which Mookie was seen celebrating in the dugout with one of the funniest dances we’ve ever seen. 

The man is having fun with the Dodgers. And why not? He already won a title in 2020 with them and the team currently carries the best record in baseball. It’s good to be Mookie

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