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Dodgers: A Bad Day in Colorado Results in Another Loss

This was not the way that the Dodgers wanted to start out their season. With so much anticipation heading into 2022, losing a series to the lowly Rockies feels like a monumental failure. Of course, there are still a lot of games left and a lot of time to figure things out. But losing this series is not a good start to what many hope to be a World Series year in Los Angeles. 

The wind was an issue, that much is for sure. That was made clear on Chris Taylor’s dropped ball in the outfield in the first inning. That out the Dodgers into an early 3-0 deficit in a ballpark where runs are often easy to come by. 

But Julio Urias never found his groove either. Even though Taylor’s ball was charged to an error, Julio got dinged with 3 earned runs across just 2 innings of work. He didn’t have a single strikeout and his swing-and-miss stuff was non-existent. Simply put, it was a very bad day for the Dodgers. 

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The offense did what they could to keep up, piecing together 10 hits and managing to scratch across 4 runs. But most of those runs came off of an error by Kris Bryant in left field. So even if the numbers were there, the execution was not.

Onward and upward. The Dodgers start a series in Minnesota this Tuesday, and rain is in the forecast. Expect some changes in the coming days.

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  1. Did anyone tell the Dodgers that Spring Training was over? Because they look just like the did a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Someone mentioned earlier that the sluggish bats seem to be expecting someone else to start the fireworks and no one is. This is the problem with a lineup of names and not hungry players. I watched a few games so far on MLB.TV. Most everyone looks much better than us on both sides of the ball…hungrier. So much for our vaunted offense.

  3. Well spring training was obviously still going on for the team this weekend. Very unimpressive except for one inning on Friday. I’m not worried. It’s only the first week. Everyone needs to relax.

  4. Troublesome start to the season from the “most feared lineup in MLB.” Poor defense, little patience at the plate, and too many wasted scoring chances with RISP – just about the same as the last couple of years. Yes, early in the season, but it just proves a stellar lineup doesn’t mean in thing if you can’t execute in the clutch.

    1. The chances of them winning the World Series with him as a manager are slim to none…

  5. thers too much dead weight on the roster kirk.they need to get younger and healthier. and hungrier. and friedman should get his ass in gear and stop making so many mistakes. the last few years he hasnt been stocking up on enough starting pitching depth to start the seasons. youve gotta have at least 10 quality starters and alot of times youll be in good shape to finish the regular season with five or six really quality guys and thats what youre aiming for to handle your postseason regimen. come and get some!

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