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Dodgers: A Controversial Call Results in a Win For Los Angeles

The Dodgers walked away with the win in Los Angeles on Saturday. Julio Urias pitched great and the bullpen came in to get the job done. Cody Bellinger took care of the rest and fans at the Ravine got to walk away happy. 

But the game did not come without some controversy. 

In the bottom of the 7th inning with the Dodgers and Cubs tied at 2, Jason Heyward hit a low lin drive into the left-field corner. It appeared that the ball wrapped around the foul pole and snuck in for a homerun, which it was called on the field. 

But the homerun went to review and the Dodgers ended up getting that run erased off of the board. Third base umpire Ryan Reyburn later explained the decision to call it foul after a review and meeting with the other umpires. 

Originally I thought the ball went around the pole. I had doubts on the original call so I wanted to get together with the crew. Based on the information they gave me, I wanted to change it.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said after the game that he also thought the ball had gone foul in live time. The replays shown to fans on television appeared to be anything but conclusive. As it turns out, the call was overturned by another umpire and the Cubs asked for the review. 

I thought it was foul. I was happy they went back and huddled up and said the official call was foul. So for it to be overturned it had to be very clear as opposed to the original fair home run call. I look back and they got it right – which is very fortunate.

Whatever the case, the Dodgers ended up keeping the game tied. Bellinger would come up in the 9th inning and hit a walk-off homerun for the Dodgers, the first time they walked it off all season long. 

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We’ll take the breaks where we can get them. 

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