Dodgers: A Corey Seager Injury Update & Why LA Might Not Go All-in on His Next Contract

Corey Seager broke out in a big way during the 2020 postseason, taking home both the NLCS and World Series MVP and helped lead the Dodgers to their first World Championship in 32 years. After his historic postseason, the hype surrounding Seager entering the 2021 season was at a fever pitch, but unfortunately as has been the story throughout his career, the two-time All-Star has seen his season be marred by injury.

Seager suffered a fractured right metacarpal in mid-May after being hit by Marlins’ pitcher Ross Detwiler. We get the very latest from Dave Roberts on Corey Seager’s injury rehab and when we can expect him back in the Dodgers lineup.


Next, we discuss how important Seager’s play for the remainder of the season will be in determining if the Dodgers will look to sign him long-term. Plus, is Corey Seager a “must re-sign” player for the Dodgers? LA has shown that it can hold its own while the 27-year-old free-agent-to-be has been sidelined.

With Seags reportedly originally looking for a contract in the $200 million range, and rumors of his preference to be on the east coast, it could be an interesting offseason for both sides.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. If anything is being learned is that this season could though should see the departure of a few players, with Seager being on top and Bellinger next to start. Seager wants way too much money and Bellinger is showing he isn’t worth a big deal, as with a contract or a player. We’re already seeing the downside of the huge deal for Betts after the much-ballyhooed shortened season production. The numbers he has to put up to erase the failure so far this season is huge. Bellinger will be lucky to hit 10 hrs and bat 215-220 which isn’t near enough for a healthy 1/3 of the season left. He simply cannot understand the concept of making contact first and foremost especially when the team needs a hit from him, as he swings for the fence, which is something that seems farther and farther away for him to achieve.

    1. Bellinger needs to adjust his too straight stance, move off the plate a bit because he can’t handle the pitches a little up and in and K’s way too much, including pitches low and away. And he needs a haircut IMHO. I figured he wouldn’t have the power this year due to his off season surgery but again, he does not belong batting 4th either.

      1. I mentioned before about Belligers stance etc and was told I know not of what I speak about. His upright stance and so close to the plate accounts for his first base dribblers that I would bet he’ll hit at least once or twice a game. We’ll get another dose of that when Seager returns.

    2. I agree with much of what you stated. Mookie knows he is not playing up to his potential and that is what I like about him. He works and works to make things better. He will be hot the second part of the season.

    3. It is WAY too early to be saying we are seeing “downside” with the Betts deal. He delivered last year in many different ways and was totally worth it. Do you realize he went 2 for 3, 3 for 4 and tonight is already 3 for 3 his last 3 games? Contrary to what you say, it looks like the Betts deal was a major win for us. I expect him to be around .300 and be a massive contributor in the post season.

      Is $200 million too much for Seager? I guess that depends on how long it is paid out and how he does the rest of the season. If he comes back and continues his dominance then how is he NOT worth that much?? Clearly he would be. The question is, is a good fit for one of our top paid guys. Not sure about that.

      I agree about Bellinger. He is the one that we should consider moving on from. Unlike you guys, I’m not going to act like I know what is best for his swing because that would be ridiculous. The guy hit well over .300 and more than 40 HRs with that swing. I think he and the coaches know a bit more about it than we do. However, he couldn’t find the hits last year and he can’t find them this year. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to find a good outfielder so who cares that much about his defense. It’s about the bat and the guy is just not able to find his swing and it’s been more than long enough. Time to let him go while other teams are willing to take a big chance on him.

  2. Given his injury history, Seager may have to take a bridge contract to show that he can stay on the field – and produce – for a full season or two. Of course, his agent (Scott Boras) will argue against that. As to the East Coast thing, we heard for several years that Trout was going back East and that didn’t happen.

  3. Seager was hit by a pitch. Injury history or unlucky? He showed what he can mean to the team last year and may well do it again in second half this year. Let’s wait and see.

      1. Seager was hit by a pitch and it seems that this fact is lost when speculating about his susceptibility to injury. Seager has more than proven himself to be very valuable and worth the investment. Whether the Dodgers can afford him, while simultaneously pursuing Trea Turner, is another subject. But rest assured, other teams will be salivating to get Seager and I don’t blame them.

  4. To me, I would do an offer in the 3-5 year range. And I would keep it in the Justin Turner price range. Corey has been a good player; but has been too injury prone. We do have Lux there right now and he may be our long-term solution anyway. He is a better shortstop.. And who knows if he might just be a tick away from having a Seager type bat. He has less than 162 games in the majors. Corey is just half a year removed from a Superstar stretch in the post season; but are his best years behind him? Give him a JT range contract with TONS of incentives. If he signs, fine, but if he doesn’t we still have Lux and Taylor (who I think we should definately resign).

    1. You cannot blame this wrist injury on Seager, and Lux is not the hitter Seager is, unless he learns to hit for average.

    2. Lux has been really, really disappointing in the batter’s box. I keep thinking he is going to get hot but he can’t seem to kick it up a notch. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a guy who develops slowly over time to be a consistent producer (like Turner or CT3) than a flash in the pan early on who only peters out quickly like Bellinger. I was just hoping for more from Lux. At this point I would take Seager back and bench Lux easily.

    1. Let him go and sign Trevor Story — a better overall ballplayer, (defense,baserunning, etc) and fit for the team.

      1. I’d take Seager over Story all day long. Seager has everything Story has but is a year younger and has a LOT more power and potential. I can see Seager turning into a perennial MVP/Hall of Fame type guy. He could really put together an amazing 5 to 7 year run and I’d hate to see another team enjoy that dominance.

  5. I’m now not so sure about Lux being the future answer at SS. He may end up in a platoon role because so far this year he has struggled big time against LHP. A .145 BA if I recall right. So IDK. Seager? Maybe a ‘bridge type deal for a full year to see what he can do in a full season. Boras, however will push for some ridiculous $200 million multi year deal even though he’s missed a ton of games this year. But CT3 needs to be extended no matter what however.

    1. Everybody in baseball is injured and has missed games…Tatis…Trout…Bellinger….getting hit by a fastball is not a injury you count…pay the guy…hell of a player

  6. Do what you can to re-sign Seager. He still has the best looking swing in baseball. He could have MVP’s in his future. Boras is the elephant in the room. Seager is not as injury prone as people think. TJ’s are unpredictable and do do not indicate being injury prone. Being hit by a pitch has nothing to do with being injury prone. Seager is a big reason that the Dodgers won it all last year. He had a great postseason. We need him.

    1. I agree Seager helped win us the WS, Belli?
      Seager had an arm injury that has been corrected and is a better hitter. We need 290+ hitters like him more than .200 hitters like Belli.
      If Seager hits 270+ for the rest of the season, show him the money…3-5 yr deal. That gives him plenty of time to get another big deal.

      1. He is not signing for 3 to 5 years…Yankees…are going to offer 300 mil…so will 2 other teams…good damn player

  7. Yankees are going to be all over Seager. Lux not the answer defensively with the jury still way out on the offensive side. We need more right handed hitting and would rather spend it on Story, who’s also a FA and will not be going back to CO. Only problem there is, be probably gets traded before 7/30
    As for Bellinger, I think he’s a lost cause. His swing may be fixable, but his personal life may be causing that dazed look he’s wearing these days. I’m sure Giancarlo Stanton is saying I’m glad you’re having Cody’s kid and not mine

  8. Keep Seager and Bellinger! They are both important to the team! What we really need are pitchers. More consistent and great back up pitchers!

  9. Doug, injury? Really? He got hit by a pitch and broke his hand, have you ever broken a bone?eight weeks minimum maybe more for someone playing pro.his body didn’t let him down, giving up on him would be a mistake.

  10. Corey Seager seems to be injury prone and prematurely aging. He seems to have a body of someone much older than he is. How long can a minor injury last.? He apparently has a bone density of an 80 year old woman with osteoporosis. Cody Bellinger is a joke. He needs to be sent down to the minors to see if he can ever get close to being an even average major league baseball player. Once you think about he’s been average at best since the half-way point of his MVP year.

  11. dodgers may not have a choice but to offer a long deal…does anyone think the yankees or red sox or angels won’t offer up a nice deal for him? BUT if they can get him for about 8 yrs and 200M i’d call it a bargain and do the deal. we’ve SEEN how clutch he can be on the world’s biggest stage (all through last yr’s playoffs, in fact), and how good he is when he’s healthy, period. having suffered a TON of major injuries myself, i can attest to the fact that broken bones from fluke things like HPBs, collisions etc. do NOT reflect poorly on the player. you hit or bend a bone enough and guess what? it breaks. most of my injuries had to do with being reckless (and engaging in contact sports for FAR too long)…as a result of all the injuries, it can NOW be said i’m more injury-prone…but now i’m mostly tearing scar tissue instead of ligaments/tendons. ciao

  12. Dave Roberts insisting on keeping Jansen the closer has sent me to not watching the game as soon as it’s announced he’s warming up Jansen. Roberts and Jansen need to go.

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