Dodgers: A Quick Glimpse at the Latest with the Dodger Stadium Renovation

It’s been a little while since our last look at the Dodger Stadium renovation. Opening day passed just about two weeks ago and while Dodger brass has let us know that construction has slowed at the ballpark, it’s still moving along.

Last we looked at Dodger Stadium, it didn’t exactly give the appearance that it was ready for prime time. However, that was expected with heavy rains in southern California, and the coronavirus still not being handled quite properly.

Now, YouTube user Drone in da skies — yes you read that right — has provided a brief but informative flyover at the venerable downtown ballpark.


As I noted on Twitter…

…It looks like most of the new concessions are set in place in the new plaza. The planned vintage ice cream truck and michelada serving refurbished fire truck do not appear to be set up yet, but the batter’s eye bar looks done.

With no All-Star game expected, or likely even baseball any time soon, the chances that games played at Chavez Ravine appear to be getting slimmer. Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he doesn’t expect sports to be happening in the state for the foreseeable future. And things likely to get worse before they start to get better in SoCal, we may not see this renovated Dodger Stadium until 2021.

While MLB is kicking around an isolated biosphere season in Arizona, no ballpark in the desert compares to Elysian Park.

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  1. It’s no longer a question of will the renovations be in time for the All-Star game but will the All-Star Game be in time for the renovations.

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