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Dodgers: Governor Newsom Does Not Think Sports Will Happen Any Time Soon

Dodgers fans, we’re sorry to have to bring you more bad news on this rainy Sunday. Despite the hope that baseball will be back soon, Governor Gavin Newsom gave us a reason to think otherwise. Newsom addressed the issue at one of his daily press conferences.  

The question came up as to whether the governor felt that the NFL would go on as scheduled. Governor Newsom’s answer, unfortunately, made Dodgers fans cry a little bit inside. 

I’m not anticipating that happening in this state…I have a lot of friends that work in Major League Baseball and in the NFL (who) have been asking me (when their leagues would return)…I would move very cautiously in that expectation.

The news comes just as President Donald Trump had a press conference of his own at the White House. Trump said that he was very hopeful fans would be able to attend sporting events by August or September. The Dodgers obviously play in California though, and Newsom’s thought it much more specific to them.

Major League Baseball has reportedly been considering playing games in empty Spring Training facilities as an option. That would satisfy Newsom in California, but officials in Arizona would need to deem the conditions safe enough to gather. If Newsom’s assessment of the situation in California is accurate, that may be the only solution for the Dodgers.

There have been predictions thrown out all across the sports world on when baseball might be able to get started. A popular date that has been thrown out there is July first, though that date now seems to obviously be in question. 

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  1. Now here is someone who cares about our health and will give it to us straight even if it’s hard to accept. The president on the other hand is only concerned about the economy

    1. I’m with you, the governor is doing an excellent job and agree with his assessment regarding sports (baseball) and keeping the schools closed. Good job

  2. we have to stop, as a society, with the modern instant gratification stuff dang it. It’s not sad news it’s facts that mature rational people accept and act accordingly.

    And why the rush anyway? People today are bigger germophobes than ever. Why would they rush to their potential death and exposure so soon? Corporate greed & a president who is starting to use this to campaign for reelection.

    Let’s try not to kill people just to make a few bucks. Sports leagues need a wake up call anyway in terms of unsustainable price increases.

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