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Dodgers Acquire OF Billy McKinney from the New York Mets Via Trade

The Dodgers are finally getting active in the trade market after a little bit of silence. But fans looking for the front office to go out and get a premium arm to add to the rotation are going to have to keep waiting. 

On Wednesday, LA swung a deal with the New York Mets to acquire outfielder Billy McKinney. McKinney was previously with the Brewers before heading out to the Mets.

He doesn’t provide much in the way of offense, but McKinney does provide some much needed depth at the outfield positions. With the injuries that have plagued the Dodgers all year — and most recently the uncertainty surrounding Mookie Betts — you can’t have too many guys at this point. 

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In exchange for McKinney, the Dodgers sent minor league outfielder Carlos Rincon to the Mets. Rincon had been having a great season with the bat with Tulsa, hitting 12 home runs in 63 games.

To make room on the 40-man roster for McKinney, the Dodgers designated Jake Reed for assignment. The right-handed pitcher will likely head back to the minor leagues as he waits for another opportunity. 

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  1. What do they mean he doesn’t provide much offense?!

    If McKinney can hit .200 he’ll double what Bellinger’s been doing for the last month!

    1. Paul:

      I was kidding, but I guess for a lot of folks, their sense of humor has evaporated as thoroughly as our plethora of starting pitchers, we used to have. I’m not understanding what this club is doing on the field or in the front office right now. Which is fine by me so long as Roberts and the FO are coming up with a plan or two.

      1. results speak for themselves. Dodgers have plans of various shapes and sizes and need resources to make certain trades work. Trust Friedman to get it done by July 30. We’re in it to win it!

  2. We need superstars in the line up. It’s time to get the money out and pay for what we have lost. Quite frankly I don’t care what it cost get the best, go fishing now before its to late

    1. I disagree. A team full of superstars isn’t always the best combination of players. The Yankees proved that. Superstars play for the name on the back of their uniform, team players play for the name on the front(I know, that’s cheesey, but Tommy was right). Muncy, Taylor, McKinstry, Treinen,et al are not superstars, but they help win games.
      Plus to accumulate superstars you decimate the farm sysyem(where all superstars come from) and bloat the payroll.

  3. If they signed McKinnley, why in the hell did they trade Cody Thomas? He was the one prospect that could hit for power and contact. He would have been a perfect replacement for Cody Bellinger (whom I think should be sent back down to the minors). Cody Thomas is hitting .293, Slugging .693 with 18 HRs over 208 AB in AAA. That’s 43 HRs over 500 AB. He was AAA Player of the Month in June. He was the one guy that shined in 2020 Spring Training. All his HRs were much farther than everyone else. Why the Dodgers gave him away for cheap really baffled me. This will be the one Andrew Friedman trade that will backfire even worse than Yordan Alvarez.

  4. You know it bothers me the Dodgers farm is so depleted that FO constantly picking up rejects from other organizations. What happened to your own homegrown prospects…. can’t reload the tier as others get promoted? I don’t want to talk about other teams but watching the Giants, they got players replacing the stars and doing well. Wade Jr. for Belt; Estrada for B. Crawford, young and athletic compared to our two Zachs? The Dodgers’ call-ups have been lacking speed and athleticism and able to hit major league pitching. So far nobody from the minors or pick-ups have impressed. Today you need five tool athletes to be competitive to win in the major leagues.

  5. This is wrong on several levels: we already have DJ Peters who can play any of the OF positions, he hits right handed (which is what we need) and is on the 40 man roster. So we give up a good hitting prospect, loose a relief pitcher (Reed) off the roster and gain a light hitting outfielder who hits from the left side? …we already lefties on the bench. Why are we tolerating a light hitting outfielder from another organization and not using our own? Makes no sense to me when Peters could be coached to give you as much as McKinney???? This is the kind of player we test drive and release!

      1. i’m with the poster who said it made more sense to bring up rincon than to trade him for a light-hitting lefty. WTF is the front office thinking lately?

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