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Dodgers: Actor Zach Levi Calls Out Cheating Houston Astros at ESPYS

For years, the Dodgers have been a perennial World Series contender and have been sat on the NL West throne for 8 consecutive years. A lot of talent and superstars have been a part of the almost decade-long run. 

Despite all of that, Los Angeles only has one World Series championship to show. The Dodgers were able to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays during the shortened 2020 season to end their 32-year drought. 

However, the franchise did have a chance to win a World Series 3 years before if it wasn’t for unfortunate circumstances. Even winning in 2020 hasn’t erased the anger and pain of what could have been. Just ask actor Zachary Levi who called out the Houston Astros for cheating their way to glory. 

“The people of Houston, I love you, but your team straight up cheated. They cheated 100%. That’s all, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

Zachary Levi is of course referring to the sign-stealing scandal that the Astros were found guilty of in 2017 by Major League Baseball. What’s even worse than that is the weak punishment handed down afterward. No players were disciplined by the league, and the Astros franchise escaped with minor punishments as well with the title still intact. 

Notably, Levi later tweeted that the feeling wasn’t so off the cuff after all. In fact, it was written for the segment.

Still, fans all around baseball, not just in Los Angeles, have not forgotten. Maybe they never will. At least for Zachary Levi, he’s made some new fans after this. Meanwhile, the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series victory was named the best championship moment at the ESPYS. 

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