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Dodgers: The Commissioner is Not Happy With Stan Kasten’s Treatment of the Bauer Situation

Major League Baseball is not happy with the Dodgers right now, and it’s not for the normal reasons. It wasn’t for a player acting up or someone on the roster throwing at members of the Astros, or even a player speaking out against the league. 

Instead, the frustration was directed towards President and CEO Stan Kasten. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke about the Dodgers executive prior to the All-Star Game on Tuesday in Denver. He had some words about comments Kasten had made just over a week prior. 

It was pretty clear what people thought about it. I don’t think it was a helpful comment given all we’re trying to achieve in this area. But I can’t say much more than that.

Kasten met with Dodgers reporters following their trip to the White House last week. He joked with Dave Roberts about telling media to talk about the foreign substance issue rather than the trouble caused by Trevor Bauer. He later added that the team would wait for the league investigation to come to an end before commenting. 

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Bauer’s administrative leave was set for 7 days by MLB not long after the report of his assault first came out. The league and MLBPA would later agree to extend that as they continue their investigation into the Dodgers pitcher. 

As of now, there is no word on how close they are to a resolution or decision. There is also no indication that the league will require local authorities to complete their investigation before rendering a decision. All of that to say, there’s still a lot left to figure out. 

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  1. What did the “highly” respected Rob Manfred say that were such choice words?
    From Stan Kasten saying we will wait further to comment when the MLB office is finished with their investigation seems like a very thought through on Stan Kasten’s part. We live in the United States of America for crying out loud. Why not let a full investigation happen first before convicting anyone. I’m not defending anything Trevor Bauer did but let’s at least give him the right to due process and have everything figured out what happened and in context.

  2. One is presumed innocent until reasonable evidence supports a conclusion that the suspect should be prosecuted. Generally, when front office people and league officials start talking about a situation like this before the facts are gathered, they use a big shovel and make themselves a long rectangular hole 6 feet deep.

  3. Well MLB teams are not happy with this commissioner either. I myself have said because of what he did to brake this game, including letting those Astro players get away with cheating in post season, that he’s the absolute worst player ever. If if he didn’t like the Dodger fans booing him during that post game WS celebration that’s too bad. Manfred needs to be impeached. Removing the DH from the NL for this year was not popular with any team either.

      1. Pauldodgerfan…Sir, like you been around a while….I think it is BS….it cost us so much..
        1. Dre getting a ring
        2 Joc being MVP
        3. Ud letting (gone blank) pitcher walk to cubs now with Pads

        And hey the Red Sox saw what was happening and nothing was done to them…

        BUT HEY THE SAME SOB WHO coached third base was now the mgr of Sox…AND THEY WIN SERIES…

        Do you think he stopped. he had not gotten caught….so what happens…

        1Dodgers lose again…
        2 Mookie knows what coming, Trout out, Mookie MVP….

        Dodgers can’t get rewarded …but take awy both of those…Ban Cora from Baseball….

    1. Fine the Dodgers for what? Teams do not get fined because a player commits a crime. and having said that, let’s see what MLB decides with Bauer. He may be innocent of all charges; at least he’s innocent until proven guilty. This has taken way too long considering MLB knew about this weeks ago!

  4. Trevor Bauer should never appear in a Dodger uniform again. Let him play for some garbage team like the Astros.

  5. Whoever designed the current version of the Dodgers Nation website needs to get a clue. All these pop-ups make it next to impossible to read an article on this site. We’re not interested in Mariachi jacket podcast ads or old Dave Roberts comments either. Clean up this website so we can use it!!
    As for this article, Manfred’s time as commissioner is limited, Thank God! Totally incompetent!
    Unfortunately some of the articles here are kinda bush league… this one really left me wondering what Kasten said that could be criticized. In general, the writing on the Dodgers this season has been lack-luster with a few meaningful editorials thrown in. Please up your game.

    1. Yes, It is too cluttered and at times hard to follow. I have lost interest on some of the articles as either they are too mundane and vague, causing responses to be speculative and nonsense. Articles could be more interesting or are you running out of material.

  6. Manfred should never say anything about someone else’s comments. I seriously hope he falls on that “piece of metal” and puts 30 holes in himself. Maybe the owners will grow a brain and replace the idiot.

  7. Manfred hates the Dodgers. Everyone should know that by now. He will will take any opportunity to screw them over. Bauer’s conviction and sentencing without a trial is just the latest example. If I was Bauer, I would sue MLB, and Manfred personally.

  8. I’m not happy with Manfred’s treatment of Major League Baseball. The man is an incompetent fool.

  9. I would like for our own reporting to say ‘alleged attack’ please. I would never condone such an attack (and wasn’t happy they signed a player who only needs mustard to be complete), but what I’ve read so far is pretty murky on the issue. Their exchange of messages was tawdry but nothing illegal. Let the investigation proceed and try to get at the truth.

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