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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez Talks Astros, MLB, and Cheating

Obviously, when sanctions were handed down upon the Houston Astros to begin the week, a firestorm began in the MLB fraternity. That reaction chain began with current players and extended to former ones. Notably, players like Adrian Gonzalez who played the game for over a decade.

Now, Gonzalez joins Petros and Money on AM570 LA Sports to talk about the impact the Astros’ sign-stealing had on the game of baseball.

First, Gonzalez talks about the difference between getting an edge and outright cheating. Furthermore, this reminds me of Ross Stripling talking about the difference between the two.

“I feel like MLB has to be very specific and let everyone know where that line is drawn. Obviously what the Astros have been doing is definitely over the line. I think that it’s something that when I came to the game would definitely deserve somebody to get hit. Some of the other allegations that are going on, I think MLB has to decided where that line is drawn.”

On Friday, former Dodger and Hall of Famer Mike Piazza suggested the same sentiment when he said “you’d probably be missing a head” if this happened back in his day.

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Next, A Gon speaks towards the edge it creates for a hitter to know exactly what pitch is coming. This is good stuff.

“I think if the pitcher knows what to do with the ball and can really locate a pitch it helps. If it’s a kid that is just chucking it out there and can’t really control his pitch then you don’t want to know. If you are talking about a pitcher in the World Series game, those guys know where the ball is going for the most part and it helps.”

Without question, when you have hitters who are superstars like those on the 2017 Astros club; it’s an edge to be able to sit on an upcoming fastball. While it’s great to hear a veteran like Gonzalez give insight into this, it doesn’t make it hurt any less to think about the transgression the Astros’ operation of sign-stealing produced.

Expect a lot more reactions from former Dodgers players on this subject, before all is said and done.

NEXT: Alex Wood, Cody Bellinger Speak Out on Astros Cheating

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  1. If you know a fastball is coming, it’s easier to hit, but not a guarantee. A good pitcher with expert location and ball movement still has the edge.

  2. I really like Adrian Gonzalez. He was a super consistent performer and quiet leader during his time with the Dodgers. He may have been getting older, and the Dodgers were making room for Bellinger. But now Bellinger is a great defensive outfielder. You have to wonder about How Gonzalez could have helped the Dodgers in the postseason. I have to believe that his leadership and consistency would had a big impact on a team where so many other players fail to perform anywhere near their regular season levels.

  3. I interpret what he said like this. If it’s a young pitcher just throwing pitches without good control it doesn’t help as much to know what pitch is coming if you don’t know where it will be located. But if you know a good pitcher likes to hit the outside corner w his fastball and you know its a fastball coming you have an advantage. And if the veteran pitcher throws his nasty slider or change out of the strike zone and you know that pitch is coming you will be taking. The younger pitcher might make a mistake with his slider so the hitter has to be ready for anything.

  4. Regardless, a batter still has to hit the ball even if he knows what pitch is coming . When I’m at home watching a game on tv I can call the next pitch a pitcher is going to throw 90% of the time just because pitchers nowadays have a routine or maybe it’s sequence. At times pitches come from the dugout as well, it’s a system. Dave Robert’s has a “strategy” to pull pitchers at the 7th inning when hes pitching a shutout (idiotic) in my opinion. That’s what lost them the world series. Even Vin Scully doesn’t understand it. Dodgers deserve their losses in playoffs and world series.

    1. Listen Dean these are professionals the pitcher tries to deceive the batter with his different variety of pitches if the hitter knows whats coming i would bet he will hit it 50% better than if he guessing it just stands to reason its called sitting on a pitch.

  5. cheating is still matter how you spin it. if you cheated you should be held accountable.why should you keep the ring and the title? this sends a horrible message to the up and comers. mlb dropped the ball on this one period.

  6. Once a cheater always a cheater.
    It’s a life style. If you know and do not tell then you to are a cheater against the fans, the opposing team’s and your unknowing team mates!! Be ashamed! You gave baseball a black eye.

  7. I remember seeing Gonzales with my dad at citi field when he first became a dodger, he hit a home run if i recall too. I barely knew who he was being a National leage Dodger fan.My Dad said this guy is great! What a player! Anyway the Dodgers of course were cheated out of a World Series, How could the astro players have cheated so horribly and actually than thought they really won> MLB is to cowardly to punish Astros and players correctly because it would show just how Corrupt Astros were in stealing a World series!

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