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Dodgers: AJ Pollock Unsure if MLB Teams Being Treated Equally by Rob Manfred

The Dodgers and their entire fanbase are unhappy about the Joe Kelly suspension. In fact, most of the baseball world was pretty unhappy with the way that MLB has handled the situation. Players from all around the league took to social media to voice their displeasure all day on Wednesday.

AJ Pollock is understandably one of those guys that were unhappy with the decision. In talking with Dodgers media on Thursday, he spoke candidly about the league’s decision. Pollock felt that the commissioner might not be treating all teams equally in 2020.

No one got hit. I think they’re trying to find some intent…this game has policed itself for so many years. You hope that teams are all being treated equally, and I don’t know if he’s doing that. 

The fact that a team can cheat their way to a World Series and not have players suspended is bad enough. But add in a hefty suspension handed down to Joe Kelly for policing the game, and you have a travesty. The Dodgers had every right to be angry at being cheated out of a championship, and they showed it.

Not only was Alex Bregman not even hit on the ball behind him, but Carlos Correa was just as much to blame for the incident. Pollock also made sure to note that even though he was not on the 2017 team that he was still a ballplayer. And as such, of course he is angry at what Houston did to baseball.

Pollock put together a couple of really good at-bats in the Dodgers sweep of the Astros. He strung together four hits in six at-bats to boost his season average to .500 to start the year. The Dodgers start a series with the Diamondbacks in Arizona tonight. 

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  1. I noticed a couple of days ago that Pollock seems to be one of the few Dodgers making consistent contact this season (along with Seager), maybe he needs some more at bats?

    1. You’re right. Pollack looks good. Hope he can stay healthy and continue the solid hitting. So far, night and day improvement over last year. Right now left field is providing more offensive punch than the two MVPs in center and right. Bellinger needs to unremake his swing and get back to last year’s form.

      1. He needs to get back to the form he had in the 1st month of last year when he was hitting to all fields and even bunted for a base hit. Then he changed his swing and went for the long ball and his avg. went south.

        1. Bellinger is a selfish player with his own goals in mind. He wanted that 50 homerun total badly last year and almost got it but at the cost of his average and the team in so many big situations and it did him no favors when October started. He was too far in the hole at that point. Maybe he can go back to basics just for the playoffs this year but it’s possible he has specific totals he wants to reach there too

        2. Agree. Bellinger was hitting over 400 for the first month last season. He was awesome. His hitting trended consistently downward after that. He limped across the line for the MVP. His defensive WAR was the difference. But most of his great defensive plays were early in the season too.

  2. Bellinger used to be a line drive hitter that turned into long home runs but now he is upper cutting the ball into high pop-ups. He needs to go back to swinging through the ball instead of upper cutting.

  3. Two comments from me: 10 I wouldd like to withdraw all those bad things I had to say about Pollock last season; 2) I would like to recommend Bellinger return to his batting stance of last season. The effectiveness of his new one so far in the season-not so much

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