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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Gifted a LA Coach a Car This Season to Show His Gratitude

Albert Pujols is one of the “good guys” in baseball. The Dodgers acquired Pujols last season and, not surprisingly, he instantly became a clubhouse leader. Tio Albert quickly developed great relationships with his new teammates. He was also happy to be reunited with an old friend from his Angels days – Dino Ebel.

Ebel would routinely drive down to the Newport Beach, where Pujols lives, to help him train.

“When he would call, I would show up. Wherever he wanted me to be, I was there. If it was hitting ground balls, or throwing batting practice for an hour, I would do it because I love doing it. I love him because he’s a great person. Our relationship is strong and it continues to be strong.”

Pujols wanted to repay Ebel for all of his hard work in helping the three-time NL MVP stay sharp.

Albert Pujols Gives Car to Dodgers Coach Dino Ebel! The Story Behind Albert’s Amazing Gift!

Ebel pulled up to his house around midnight after a Dodgers home game this past season. His wife and two kids were outside to alert him that the garage door wasn’t working. After of few minutes of attempting to problem solve, Ebel’s son opened the door to the garage that did indeed work.

“He pulls up the garage door and there’s a 2021 Stingray Dodger Blue convertible Corvette. Fully loaded to the tilt.”

Pujols never said a word about the car despite the fact that Pujols and Ebel were together for most of the day at the stadium.

When Ebel called Pujols to thank him, the legendary slugger kept it short and sweet.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. This is a gift from me to you my friend.”

It’s a night, a car, and a relationship Ebel will never forget.

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  1. I hope & pray the Dodgers don’t let Albert Pujols get away. I was in the hospital the evening he arrived on the Dodgers field & I was thrilled! Truly the highlight of my hospital stay! I think it was one of the best decisions the front office made. Helped to offset the Bauer fiasco.

  2. Very nice gesture. Always liked Pujols. Also heard that Pujols gifted Roberts a bag of coal for Xmas.

  3. Seems like a great guy. Would love to see him stay with Dodgers. Just having him around makes the team better.

  4. Dino Ebel loves Corvettes. I met him at a gas station years ago as he was pumping gas in a black Corvette. Had a quick conversation with him. Really nice guy.

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