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Third Base Coach Dino Ebel Talks Thrills of Being With Dodgers In Interview

I suppose you could say I am our Dino Ebel guy, at least in the early going. Indeed, it was yours truly who wrote on the Dodgers adding Ebel to replace Chris Woodward this past November. Add it to my resume.

At that time, it sounded like Ebel was truly excited to return to the organization in which he had some long-time roots. Furthermore, from 1988 to 2004 he was both player and coach for the organization. After several years of action in the minor leagues – Ebel served as a rare player-coach in the Gulf Coast League for the Bakersfield affiliate in 1991.

Now, Ebel talks with David Vassegh of AM570 Los Angeles about how he sees the current team and organization. You can listen to the entire interview here while we highlight some key points of the interview.

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Ebel tells Vassegh that he likes the business-like workmanship he sees in the Dodgers clubhouse each day.

“Game planning. In the mornings they come in, get dressed, weight room, out to stretch, throw. They got a plan every time they come out here and they put that uniform on and figure out how to get better.”

Definitely, Ebel sounds like a guy who takes pride in being a Dodger. Furthermore, these are the type of individuals you want slapping hands when a player is rounding third and heading for home.

“It’s great to be back. Really exciting for myself and my family. And just being in Dodger blue again it fires me up every day when I put the uniform on”.

By all accounts, Ebel seems like a truly great guy to have on the staff. He’s been putting the players through some strenuous work during camp that should help them perform when the regular season gets underway in three weeks. Ebel is a guy I’m happy the Dodgers landed, and if they win a title; I shall nickname him ‘The Missing Link’.

I’m a Dino Ebel guy!

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