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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Soaks it All in Ahead of the NLDS Against the Giants

The Dodgers are officially in San Francisco to play the Giants in the NLDS and it seems that Albert Pujols is enjoying every second of it. Pujols was seen standing and staring at the top of Oracle Park on Thursday, as the Dodgers arrived.

Dave Roberts spoke with the media and talked about Pujols and how much it must mean to him to be where he is.

“I’m extremely thrilled. I think that the only way that last night could have been any better is if he would’ve walked them off. I think he is at a point in his career where he is just soaking in every moment.”

Pujols has been in this league for a very long time, so he has not only made history but gained a lot of respect. Now, he is just along for the ride and happy to be with a team that can also make history. Roberts continued and talked about Pujols’ determination as a player.

“…because we can talk about nothing is guaranteed and be grateful for your opportunity to play baseball, but he’s at the point where it’s like, you never know, so I think that whether it’s coming out early before an off-day workout or having a holding court with a couple of teammates, things like that, those are big…so, I love that and I love our players seeing him take it all in because I think that is really important for everyone.”

Moments like this are ones that will last a lifetime, so it is important for Pujols to take a step back as he finds himself being able to play postseason baseball. As the Dodgers get ready to play the Giants, the hope is to see Pujols help them win the series.

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  1. It’s good to see Pujols in the postseason again. It’s been quite a while since he last appeared in the postseason.

  2. Love to see a Pujols appearance at the plate tonight…maybe another hr? Ya never know?

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