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Dodgers: Alex Vesia Has Become a Trusted Reliever for Dave Roberts

The Dodgers have had quite the bullpen this season, it may arguable one of the best they’ve had in some while. In years past, it was always the Achilles heel, but not so much now. 

In fact, the TBS broadcast crew has gone on and on about how the Dodgers have a bullpen full of closers. While it may be annoying to hear every five minutes, they’re technically right. The Dodgers are fortunate to have relievers like Kenley Jansen, Corey Knebel, Joe Kelly, Blake Treinen, etc. who all have closer stuff and experience finishing up games. However, they tend to forget about impact guys like Phil Bickford or Alex Vesia. 

Vesia recently received some praise from manager Dave Roberts after another solid outing.

“Alex has shown a lot of growth this year, a lot of poise. He’s very emotional but you know during the inning he’s found a way to control and harness those emotions to make good pitches and execute. He’s earned a lot of leverage innings or spots. He’s been fantastic.”

Over the course of the season, Vesia has become Doc’s go-to lefty reliever. Of course, he’s been called on to neutralize left-handed hitters, but he can also deal with right-handers as well. Left-handers are hitting .123 against him while right-handers are hitting .129. 

He finished out the 2021 season with a 2.25 earned run average with 54 strikeouts in 41 appearances for Dave Roberts. So far this postseason he’s allowed 1 run to score while picking up 6 strikeouts and no walks across 4 appearances. He’s become what Victor Gonzalez was supposed to be for the Dodgers this year.

To think this is his first full season in the Major Leagues and he’s appearing in high leverage situations for the Dodgers during a postseason run. Alex Vesia has certainly come a long way in his development.


  1. So trusted that he left him in for ONE (1) pitch.

    How about not bringing him back for another inning? Yeah, I know he was batting 2nd in the inning, but you have a pitcher who is ‘hot’, leave him in for another inning….

    With Vesia at bat, he could have done exactly what Sousa did, who is now hitting less than .200 in the playoffs.

    The Dodger bench this year is atrocious….

    Now, in the top of the 8th, Roberts has burned thru the BP again. God forbid we go to extra innings….

    Looks like Urias tomorrow now…. predicting a Mad Maxx like dead arm…. Sadly, Dodgers out in 4.

    One more time…. LFG Dodgers! ONE GAME AT A TIME!

        1. “What a bleeping team!” “How sweet it is, the fruits of victory!” Right Doug?

  2. Best they’ve had in a while? How about the best in Dodger History! What a job they did today! Especially the unknown names…Bruihl and Phillips were huge! And Bickford (I mean Spicoli right Kirk) inducing that double play? Awesome!

  3. eubiecool-Props to “Phantom Phillips”bullpen catcher comes through.Hope front office remembers Braves intentionally walked Seager to pitch to Trea Turner.Seager is nails.Julio has alot of pride he will keep us in game.Might be time to rest Justin .Been whinning about playing little ball.Dodgers are not utilizing team speed.Those stolen bases keep pressure on your opponent.Roberts needs to delete analytics file and stay in moment.Dodgers are going General Sherman on Atlanta again.Stadium needs to turn it up!!!!

      1. He definitely looks a lot like Mario with his stache. That probably why he dressed up like him on team dressup day.

  4. Is it possible to award an NLCS MVP to an entire bullpen? Just sayin. Way to go guys!

  5. I hope that Roberts will let an effective relief pitcher throw more than the usual 2 pitches. Yeah, maybe that is being a smart a– but everyone knows what I mean.

    1. Glen, if I guy is going well I’m all for it! Dodger pen is best in baseball hands down!

      1. If a guy is throwing well, why take chances the next guy is not at his best that day? I don’t get it. Just because of the stupid analytics. I think they have taken that idea a bit too far. Eyeball test worked for over a century! The nerds have to keep trying to prove they are the smartest guy in room!!

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