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Dodgers: Alex Wood Talks About Pregame Ceremony With the Player’s Alliance

The Dodgers and Giants got to take part if a historic moment for baseball last night. Lining the infield, players and coaches from both sides knelt and held a ribbon in a sign of unity. The Player’s Alliance showed a video as the teams came together in a show of support against racial and social injustices.

Alex Wood was one of those guys that got to participate in the ceremony. In a meeting with Dodgers media before Friday’s game, I asked him about that historic moment and what it meant to him and his teammates.

It was a pretty special moment, I think you have to tip your cap to Major League Baseball and the support for what’s going on, all of the injustice…It’s still kind of mind-blowing how some individuals across the country can’t get behind Black Lives Matter, there’s so much travesty that’s gone on and all anyone wants is equality. So to be able to yesterday as a team to take a knee for the Black Lives Matter and show your respect for what’s going on in the world right now was special. I really thought it was a nice gesture that both teams took a knee for the black cloth moment that we had before the game and still allowed the opportunity for anyone who felt like it was important for them to kneel during the anthem. 

Wood referenced the franchise and what it means to be a part of such a moment. He also mentioned that he couldn’t understand how so many people in the country could not get behind the statement that black lives matter, and he made sure to mention that in his answer.

Wood is scheduled to get his first start of the season Sunday evening against the Giants. 

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