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Dodgers: An IL Stint Could Be a Possibility for Mookie Betts After All

Wednesday night’s game will be the third game without Mookie Betts after he left Sunday’s game early due to a sore hip. Although Mookie would rather help play a vital role for this Dodger team, his body just isn’t on the same page yet.

According to Dave Roberts, Betts is listed as day-to-day as the team hopes to allow some of the inflammation to go down before even thinking of letting him back into the lineup. Roberts also noted that there’s a chance that Mookie could end up needing a stint on the Injured List, after believing that one could be avoided.

“It’s certainly a possibility. I didn’t think it was a few days ago but once we get to a certain point to backdate the three days, it’s a possibility. It’s not ideal but the most important thing is getting Mookie back to 100%.”

If the Dodgers do end up needing to put Mookie on the IL, it would be retroactive a maximum of 3 days back meaning he would only have to spend 7 days on the sidelines. Of course, the Dodgers would want to stay away from such a scenario, but if his hip doesn’t show signs of progress their hand may be forced to doing so.

Although Mookie has been having a down year by his standards, his absence from the field for that long would be a tremendous blow to a team already dealing with a mountain of injuries. The Dodgers swung a move for outfielder Billy McKinney on Wednesday and he’s expected to join LA’s taxi squad today. While his numbers aren’t earth-shattering, he’s a warm, healthy body for a team in desperate need.

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  1. Take the medicine and IL him. I don’t get the slow play of Seager while running an injured Mookie out there.

    1. Seager has always been a slow to heal player, every injury he’s had and he’s had many have had longer than normal stays on the DL/IL. We need a more steady and reliable shortstop next year. Its time for him to go.

    2. I said this before Wednesday’s game to let him heel on IL and they are just now figuring this out? The amount of injuries almost on a daily basis just may be the main reason this team just won’t be healthy enough to play in October. Seager? The slow playing is a concern. McKinney? We don’t need a player who’s lacking on offense.

  2. Put Mookie on the IL already and quit fooling around. Also, come clean regarding Seager’s progress and why he didn’t come back Wednesday, as expected. If he’s still experiencing soreness when he swings the bat–confirm that and let us know that he may be out another week or more. Regarding Kershaw–enough with the Pollyannish nonsense that everything is just fine, he’s getting a “nice rest”, taking his time to recover from the forearm irritation with no timetable for his return. If Kershaw is going to be out another 3 weeks or more–then just say it. I know that with the trade deadline approaching, the Dodgers may not want to tip their hand regarding injuries and their needs, but it’s time to come clean and plan accordingly.

  3. Farm system all of a sudden looks real average. Going to be fortunate to get a wild card at the seasons end. Keep spending! $$$

    1. With what we’ve seen so far this year from players coming up from the farm , the system appears below average. But having the last and lowest picks in the draft has a bit to do with that. Zack Rex? Albeit only 6 AB’s so far he has struck out in 5 of those. DJ Peters is our modern day Billy Ashley.

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