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Dodgers Injury Update: Corey Seager Comeback Delay, Mookie Betts, Turner, Muncy, Lux, & More!

As has been the case seemingly all season long, The Los Angeles Dodgers have received good news and bad news on the injury front. The good news is that last night’s injuries to Justin Turner and Max Muncy don’t appear to be too serious. Former Dodger Alex Wood, drilled Justin Turner on his right knee and Max Muncy on his right shoulder forcing both players to exit early during LA’s dramatic comeback win over the Giants.

We discuss the latest on their injuries and what the Dodgers might do if they have to miss some time.

Next, Dave Roberts provided the very latest Corey Seager’s progress and what the team needs to see from him in order to get him back in the Dodgers lineup. Plus, Roberts gave us an update on Mookie Betts’ lingering hip injury and it looks like it could be worse than originally thought.


Before the game on Wednesday, Dave Roberts provided a few added updates on these injured Dodgers.

Mookie is day to day while they hope to get some of the inflammation out of his ailing hip. An IL stint is “certainly a possibility” according to Roberts.

JT will be available to hit tonight, but Dave is hoping to stay away from him just to give him a full day off after playing 5 games in a row. “Justin knows his body well and understands the importance of maintenance.”

Muncy responded well to treatment in that right shoulder and is in Wednesday’s starting lineup as of a few hours before first pitch. Doc feels that getting him out of the game when they did was huge for his quick turn around.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Three Dodgers hit by a wild pitcher Woods and all were multimillion dollar players. This is BS and it looks like he did this on purpose. I’m sorry but this looks like a revenge full act because he was traded, take a look at the people he hit. It was fast enough where the players could not get out of the way.

    1. I agree… All 3 pegs were intentional. In fact, if you rewatch the telecast, you will see Alex give a not so subtle wink at Posey after plucking JT.

    1. Right on, Dodger 106W it’s time for our pitchers to stick up for and protect their position player teammates. Only problem I see is that since the league and the umpires have some vendetta against Dodgers that if Urias were to hit 1 or 2 Giants, he and Riberts will get ejected from game.

  2. Time for Jansen to move on. Not dependable anymore .Treinen should be the closer. He could have won the last 2 games.

    1. Jansen is a good setup and ok closer. We need another closer cuz Jansen is not going to be here next year. Jansen has lost 2 games in a week or we would be in 1st place. Use Belli as trade bait if necessary…..

      1. Belli is lost at plate. Too stubborn to adjust. Reminiscent of old friend Wild Horse.
        Needs to be sent down to figure himself out. It helped Puig and Joc to do that.

  3. Jansen’s last 2 blown saves have cost the Dodgers an opportunity to move into a 1st place tie. But even prior to that, he has struggled in several consecutive appearances, not being able to get the leadoff hitter and often he’s allowing the 1st 2 hitters to reach-something that has plagued him for years. Kenley has been struggling for weeks now, even when he gets the save. He has regressed significantly from the great start to the season he had. With all of the challenges the Dodgers face right now, Jansen’s struggles could not have come at a worse time.

    1. And, it got much, MUCH worse in last nights game (which is AFTER you wrote this comment). So now he has blown 3 HUGE games and he did it all by himself. Roberts is trying to say that last night wasn’t his fault but that is just Roberts tryng to cover for his horrible decision to put him right back in the next night after a horrible performance. Yes they should have had that out on second and yes the batter swung through and should have been out, but there shouldn’t have been that many base hits to begin with. Kenley put himself in a horrible position where we had to have those things go our way. That’s it, no more Kenley, we need to trade him NOW. He simply cannot be trusted in regular season games much less when you need your closer most, which is in the playoffs.

      1. Spot on!!! Where is this Dodger Theme: “All about the team” when Dave is fixated on Kenley. The TEAM and FANS need to win Dave! You’re fantasies over resurrecting a has been are not about the team. Dave’s fault!

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