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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Unhappy With Fans Choosing to Boo Kenley Jansen

The Dodgers had the Giants right where they wanted them on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Julio Urias held the hated ones to just 1 run over 7 innings of work and Los Angeles had their 2 biggest arms ready to go out of the bullpen. 

Blake Treinen held up his end of the deal by pitching a clean 8th. But when the Dodgers brought in Kenley Jansen to shut it down, the wheels fell off. Jansen served up a single to pinch hitter Buster Posey to lead off the inning and gave up a 2-run home run to Wilmer Flores to give the Giants the lead.

Kenley could not get out of the inning. 

When Dave Roberts came out to pull him with the bases loaded, Dodgers fans let Kenley know how they felt. Booing rained down from the top deck and reserve level, resounding all across Chavez Ravine. As one could expect, Doc wasn’t a fan of that happening. 

It does bother me. This guy is a lifelong Dodger. To start, the fans certainly have a right to voice their frustrations. Absolutely I get that. But I do believe that this guy, born and raised as a Dodger. No one hurts more than he does to be quite honest. 

To Dave’s point, fans certainly have the right to let someone know when they’re unhappy. But Kenley has also been among the game’s elite this year. Without him, the Dodgers are in a much worse position in the standings. 

He’s worked very hard to get back and should have been an All-Star this year. He’s had a fantastic season. There was a hiccup the other night. he was looking forward to pitching at home. So to have that not gone well, yeah I’m disappointed to hear that. He’s not going to say it, but I am.

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So while Dodgers fans were obviously frustrated with the performance, Dave certainly doesn’t believe he was deserving of the boos. He’s going to be the closer for at least the rest of the year, so all we can do now is hope for the best. 

The Dodgers and Giants play one more game tonight in Los Angeles. 

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    1. So would I. But the fact is this pitching staff of ours has served up 8 HR,’s to the Giants in these first 3 games. Understandably the HR’s being served up mostly by inexperience pitchers. However last night wasn’t all on KJ. Dodgers were held to only 3 hits. Bellinger? IDK. He looks lost and hasn’t made any adjustments. Opposing pitchers have his number for sure because he has become a very easy out to get.

      1. First of all reliever Blake Treinen who pitched in the eighth inning using maybe 6 pitches should have stayed in the ninth, Kenley should be coming in the 5th,6th or 7th HE IS NOT A CLOSER ANYMORE he has been a great Dodger , but now the DODGERS SHOULD LET BALKE CLOSE, Bellinger is lost –look at his face when he bats he has no idea, and is he not listening to the batting coaches—-send him down or TRADE HIM!!!!!!!

        1. As I said before Treinen has closer experience and maybe should have at least started the 9th inning after so few pitches in the 8th. But that decision falls on Roberts, unless he was given directives from above. You’re correct about Jansen for his years past as closer but those days are now long gone. Correct on Bellinger as well.

      2. I understand the reason why Jensen was brought in the top of the 9th inning. He has had a great year. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off for Roberts this time.

    2. Agreed… and I would argue that most intelligent fans that choose to boo, are actually booing Roberts and not Jansen. It’s not Jansen’s fault… he is who he is, and he’s been displaying what he now is for the last 3 seasons or more. He should have been placed in a setup role A LONG TIME AGO, and that is the fault of the coach and managers of the roster. So when I get angry, I get angry at those folks, not Jansen.

      1. Great analysis. Roberts is perhaps one of the WORST coaches in baseball. Any decent coach could take this team of studs and win AT LEAST as many games as Davey has.
        Hell, my daughter’s softball coach could manage better, and THEY only won a couple games all season!! Jansen is fine as a middle reliever/set-up man. He is no longer “closer material”….I think Treinan or Kelly would do better as closers if given the opportunity. Use your brain, Davey!!! Don’t just keep doing what you’ve always done and expect a different result. I believe insanity set in QUITE SOME TIME ago! Keep Belli in the line-up….just move him to the “nine-hole”. Let him be a “lead-off” hitter for our lead-off hitter. Don’t continue to have a guy that’s hitting WELL below the Mendoza line in the 5, 6 or even 7 hole. When Urias is hitting nearly 80 points better than Belli, there’s something wrong. Hell, when Belli’s swinging right out of his batting helmet, that SHOULD be your clue that “he ain’t right”. Too bad the Dodgers brass can’t get a grip on the team and let DAVE go!!!

    3. Roberts doesn’t realize most the bios were for him not Jansen. Look he then put in a guy that gave up 5 hits in a row a couple nights earlier. Roberts is the bum

      1. Agree. They were booing Roberts and Giants fans dancing in the isles not entirely Jansen.

    4. Right on SoCalBum. All Roberts fault on poor pitching decisions. Trienen should have finished those two games. Jansen cane come into games the Dodgers have a 10 run lead.

  1. We need to be booing the pen in general with more than 20 blown saves and we need to also be booing the decisions that have put so many folks in positions to fail. That said Kenley failed on his own last night.

    1. the team has less than 20 Blown Saves. Kenley has 4 this year, saved 21 out of 25 save opportunities. its a team sport – lots of players did not perform well including Kenley

  2. The man is not a closer for a team with championship aspirations. The only reason they won last year was that they didn’t have him closing. So thankful this is the last year of his contract.

    1. Dodgers won last year for many other reasons, like having a DH, which kept Roberts from struggling with as many in game decisions as he has this year. The injury crisis was not as prevalent as it is this year and Roberts also had a more set batting order last year for hitters 1 thru 6 in the lineup.

  3. “But I do believe that this guy, born and raised as a Dodger.” A LITTLE stretch there.
    Roberts is the master as usual, of defending the defenceless

    1. Roberts is also a master of poor decision making in lineups and pitching management to begin with. I’ll say it again however that no matter how good a team is, even the best teams in MLB cannot possibly survive the daily injuries this team has had this year.

  4. Jansen looks good on paper but the eye test has shown he is a shell of the reliever he used to be. Sad to see him go out like this, but it is time for the Dodgers to move on.
    This team has no fire, no spark. Dave Roberts was a player who had a lot of energy and just doesn’t seem to be a motivational type of manager. Since none of the players have the leadership ability to get their teammates fired up we have to be happy with “We will do better tomorrow”. This is looking to be a very disappointing year. To have so much potential and fail so miserably!

  5. It bothers you, Doc? Well that’s too bad. Why doesn’t it bother you that several key players have been thrown at and hit by pitches this year to put them out of lineup? Seager out for OVER 2 months and you have mo response? What bothers most here is how you manage this team.

      1. Dodgers can’t expect to win any games when the inconsistency in the offense shows up to show itself on a regular basis. 3 hits won’t get the job done and what bothers me is when Roberts puts guys like Beaty in the 3 slot in the lineup. I know JT needs a day here and there but there are certainly better choices to bat 3rd whenever Turner is out of lineup.

    1. You are right. The fans are sick of Roberts that thinks he knows everything and is lucky to have the best team in baseball but he is the worst manager. From juggling the lineup daily to not putting our best team against SF fir first place. He is content to know we will be in the playoffs but at this rate we will be playing a one game do or die we can’t win extra inning games because Roberts will nit play small ball nor teach hit and run to stay out of double plays. Something has to be done to get Belli back hitting and it isn’t batting and letting time take care of it. How can a league MVP a couple of years ago forget how to hit and look so bad striking out?

  6. Roberts will go down with the ship because de doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Albeit a .154 hitter he continues to put on the lineup card in key spots in the order, or a guy that nobody feels safe closing games anymore. Jansen, in his contract year somehow ramped up his velocity about 3-5 mph. Wonder how that happens! Still a blown save in a key game waiting to happen. Single handedly keeping the Dodgers out of first place. Can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be called on again if by some miracle they’re leading in the 9th tonight
    Roberts should be booed as his office is getting cleaned out….he’s a very nice and articulate man who happens to be an all around horrible manager

  7. I believe Bellinger should be booed every time he comes to the plate. He contributes nothing to the offense. His defense is good but not at the expense of offense. He’s an automatic out for the opponent now.

    1. Correct! If we boo KJ every time he blows a game, we have to be consistent in booing. He is not the only one responsible for a loss. The team should have hit better and score more runs….this is a team game. What about when JT makes an error, Belli’s many KO’s, Smith’s passed balls, earlier when Mookie didn’t come through w/ men in scoring positions, Pujols hitting into DP’s, or even Kershaw giving up HRs @ the start of the game? They all contribute to losses. If we did that all the time we would look totally classless. People , we are the fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers not people of the classless NY Yankees.

  8. The fans weren’t booing Kenley… they were booing Roberts for his minor league managing skills. Sorry, but Roberts get some accolades for being a good manager but not a MLB major League Manager. Small ball and string base hits for runs win games. HR are nice to have but they don’t usually win games when they are hit with no one on base.
    Also bench Billenger or send him to Camelback for more hitting practice. BTW. Where are the Dodgers hitting coaches hiding?

    BOO Roberts. He’s responsible for the team’s lack of runs being scores. Terrible lineup card and misuse of the pitching staff in the bullpen…. in

  9. You know you needed a unique closer going into the season. Hader was available but they waved on that. A RH big bopper strike 2. A 150 hitter who is completely lost and killing this team and will not get benched or sent down.Strike 3. You made your bed now lie in it. Looks like 3rd place in the division. Padres and Giants have our number!

    1. Giants and Padres are better than this team so far. In a combined 22 games this year with those 2 teams so far, Dodgers have lost 12 of those games and have looked bad doing so.

  10. The fans with any real sense were booing not only Jansen, but Roberts. I also agree they should start booing bellinger.

  11. How long can this go on?
    Kenley and Cody need bench time, Mookie to IL, DR to bench coach. If you can’t get the job done make way for someone else.

    1. Exactly, Wally K! Had Dodgers done anything offensively besides what CT3 did, KJ would not have had to come into this game in the first place. KJ blew the save and Roberts is clueless but an anemic showing by the offense should be booed just as well.

  12. Last night’s 9th inning meltdown was dismal and terrible to watch. My television, however, was on mute so I did not hear the boos. Sadly, however, I already knew that this tight game was not going to end well for us when Kenley came out. Admittedly, I believed that Posey would hit a HR and that would be it because our offense was not likely to answer back. I did not expect the bases to be loaded when he left; but, he often has traffic. Because these games against the Giants are supposed to be so important, can someone explain to me why Treinen, after pitching a strong 8th, was not left in to finish the game? Although the loss was disheartening, to say the least, we do not look good booing our own players.

    Regardless, I feel bad for Urias who deserved the “W” for pitching a very good game against the Giants only to have it handed over.

    1. Trienen, or any other 8th inning releiver who breezes through the 8th should come back to at least open the 9th, rather than automatically going to Jansen. When Knebel returns, and if he looks good, he needs to get closing opportunities. Jansen always fades down the stretch.

    2. B McP, points well made. I believe most here agree that bringing Jansen in the 9th inning with just a 1 run lead and/or on back to back days is a recipe for disaster right about now.

  13. I think much of the criticism Doc gets is overstated. That said, he should STFU when it comes to getting on the fans about booing Jansen. I can’t stand our closer. All I heard from him this year is how HE wants to close a World Series clinching game. Screw you dude. How about thinking about team first? Then heard he was slighted at being left off all star team. Get over it. I don’t think he’s mentally strong enough to be a top notch closer. He was fine when his cutter destroyed people, but for a few years now (starting in 2017 World Series) he’s been something less than he was, and just looks shaky out there. Hopefully he bounces back quickly and proves me wrong.

  14. Could have been worse if he was a yankee pitching at yankee stadium. Seriously doubt that Kelley would just get booed. Just deal with it Roberts.

  15. Hey… are you people fans? Don’t boo your peeps at home.. it’s liane Michael said “ never go against the family”

  16. No one listens.. I have been saying for 2 years get rid of Roberts!!!! No one listens!!!

  17. Urias and Buehler have lost games because of the bad decisions made by Roberts bring in the wrong guy to relief. Great games pitched only to be lost by the bullpen and Roberts inability to make the right decision.
    Looks like 3rd place for our Dodgers in 2021…

  18. Why didn’t Roberts leave Treinen in the 9th after he closed the Giants easily in the 8th? His pitch count after the quick 8th would call for more of the same in the 9th and if he faltered on the first 2 or 3 batters in the 9th….then make the change! Treinen would handle closing as well as anyone especially at this time.

    1. You’re right. That’s exactly what he should have done. And it’s exactly the approach that should be used going forward.

    2. I agree Kid, My pet peeve with Roberts is he does not leave in a pitcher who is getting batters out.

  19. Dave Roberts does not know what the definition of the word PITCHER even means or it’s purpose. Roberts should be booed all the time for not knowing how When who and part of game to put in bullpen or even starters I know I am RIGHT!

  20. Roberts has two major flaws. 1st he relies on analytics and has no feel for the game in front of him. If he did, he would have let Blake T stay in for the 9th. He didn’t because it would have hurt KJ’s feelings. 2nd, he doesnt know how to kick a player in the pants to motivate them. Any manager that plays an automatic out day in and day out is not interested in winning. This team won last year despite him.

  21. Unwed Bellinger has been brain farting at the plate ever since he knocked up that chick.
    He cannot now see the forest for the trees.
    Wake up , people.
    That is his problem.

    1. I read about the same thing on Cody Bellinger. In 2019 even though he won the MVP, he had a horrible second half because he went through 3 different girlfriends in that time period. Of course player’s personal life is none of our business, but you could tell every time Cody went up to the plate, his head is just not in baseball. Those athletes girlfriends are “trophy wives” but they mess with your heads, look what happened to Jim Edmonds and Ben Zobrist, even Giancarlo Stanton when he hooked up with Cody’s current girlfriend. This has been going on with Cody Bellinger for two straight years now. He’s batting .156 and there’s no excuse for this. I agree with everyone that think Cody should be sent back down to the minors. That would do wonders because that chick will leave him once she realizes Cody is no longer a major league star, it will give him a reality check on what’s more important in life, chasing rings or chasing girls, it’s his choice.

  22. Whenever the Dodgers lose, people are quick to criticize to blame the manager. I’d like to hear exact facts and reasons, and options to better his decisions on supposedly screw-ups. On a loss it’s easy to say “fire him”, “ his clueless”, or “ he’s inept “, or just generalizing blame and jumping on the bandwagon along w/ everybody else.
    With 1/2 the team injured, 1/4 of them playing hurt, and 1/4 of them inexperienced for the bigs; he is playing w/ only the cards dealt by the FO. His options are limited w/ his hands tied by various situations. It is up to the players to COMPETE to their best abilities and EXECUTE to win when called upon. It is on everybody, FO, managers and coaches, and players to win a game. A loss is on everyone also.

        1. Look at other teams at the top or near the top of their respective divisions. But of course when all is said and done ya must agree that the players have to perform. The manager doesn’t hit, or pitch or play defense. But instead must put various players he has in the best positions to succeed.

      1. No, not really. Watching the Giants, Estrada for injured Crawford; and Wade Jr. for Belt, these two youngsters are out performing our two Zachs. Just by the eye test on athleticism and talent, Zaidi got it right. Look how Arozarena filled in for the Rays after the starter got injured. Even the Yanks were struggling w/ Boone but turning it around w/ this young Allen. When guys get the opportunity, that’s your time to shine w/ your talents or else. The major leagues is all about production now.

      2. i am NOT a roberts fan–but there really are NOT many managers doing much better than he is, recordwise. he’s doing it with smoke and mirrors…this is not a powerhouse lineup, not with all the players hitting the DL or PLAYING injured and other players not playing well. four guys in the regular lineup are playing consistently pretty well, and hopefully will smith will get more consistent from here on. JT, MM, CT, AJP…
        pitchers are injured or just a screwup/freak. honestly it’s amazing that they’re in this race, as good as SD and SF have been.
        it’s easy to forget, but roberts is the same guy who, like him or not, helped win the Series. he’s earned his fair share of criticism, but it’s a LONG season, and EVERY team, no matter how good, is going to lose a bunch of games. EVERY team with this amount of injuries is bound to lose plenty of games. out of the top ten players, how many have missed time so far? BUUUUUT–i DO question certain decisions. i think cody is still hurting. whatever ppl think of his facial expression or body language, he works way too hard and has way too much ability to just magically start sucking. i think it hurts to swing the bat. maybe the shoulder…it’s the kind of surgery it usually takes at least a year to recover FULLY from. add the broken leg to that…that is NOT a healthy man. needs more DL and physical therapy time. this trade for mckinney? what, is he secretly a switch hitter with power from the other side? and trading two good minor league hitters (one who looks dominant this year)?
        no, i have my issues, as i do every year (remember the mattingly years? remember running kershaw out on short rest in the playoffs every year and keeping him out there ALWAYs and inning too long?). but there’s still lots of time and plenty of realistic hope for another Series run. i’m not bailing out now, just a couple games out of first place in july.

        1. sorry, “always AN inning too long,” not “always AND inning too long.” (last sentence) of my prev. post.

        2. No, Cody is physically fine and cleared to play. You see his swing is still violent and flailing away? Nothing is wrong w/ his leg because his speed is strong. I guess you haven’t seen him running the bases and running down sinking line drives or pulling in drives in the gap? Actually his speed is his only asset and should use it more offensively. His problem in hitting is his mental state.

          1. BTW, I think you’re talking about a rotator cuff tear which takes a yr. to recover, but it wasn’t that. Tatis Jr. is having the same separation shoulder problem but he has adjusted his swing to be productive. Go figure.

    1. Everyone here has clearly stated exactly what he does wrong so not sure what you’re talking about.

      1. Don, it’s concerning Jansens performance last night and Roberts decision to bring him in the 9th with just a 1 run lead. But Dodgers as a whole win as a team or loose as a team. Wednesday’s loss was a team effort with failing to execute offensively with only 3 hits. If Dodgers performed better offensively, then Jansen most likely never enters the game. But the overall amount of injuries this year has a lot to do with Dodgers current position in the standings as well as Giants playing somewhat above expectations so far.

      2. Don, I assume you’re addressing me. When someone just says, “he makes wrong decision or “not the right guy”; it is just generalizing w/ out stating what you would have done. “ clueless”, what is he exactly clueless about? Many decisions are governed by the computer geeks upstairs. Yeah I questioned why Belli was constantly hitting in the 4 hole and Beaty batting 3rd yesterday, but my suspicion is the computer found Beaty’s advantage in hitting that type of pitching. Next, It’s easy to second guess and to just say “he’s inept”, well state a solution to improve the situation. After a loss everybody is frustrated and want to just fire the mngr., so people jump the bandwagon w/out thinking it through. Like I said earlier, the whole organization is responsible for a win or a loss. If we are to criticize, give factual explanations to why, not just generalizations. BTW, I was hoping Treinen come out and pitch the 9th, because he had shut the Giants down w/ only 8 pitches. Again, the computer guys told Doc otherwise. IDK.

  23. They say teams can’t use injuries as an excuse for sub par performances. But as Shaka808U pointed out with that said amount of injuries on the roster, it’s going to also be difficult to win for even the best teams in MLB But players HAVE to perform too. I realize Bellinger got hurt, had shoulder surgery as well but even his 2020 season looks far superior than what he’s done so far this year. But it’s also not all on him either. Lux? He’s on the IL but before that he was underperformed big time to the point where he wasn’t going to see as much playing time going forward. And that’s mainly because of his lack of hitting against LHP. But again for the most part these are team losses.

  24. As I said before Treinen has closer experience and maybe should have at least started the 9th inning after so few pitches in the 8th. But that decision falls on Roberts, unless he was given directives from above. You’re correct about Jansen for his years past as closer but those days are now long gone. Correct on Bellinger as well.

  25. Dodgers should hired the Skipper Kevin Kennedy…. he played small ball when necessary to score runs. Roberts doesn’t know that game

  26. IF it was Lasorda, (not Roberts), he would be saying, “I gave YOU, Jansen, way to many chances!! YOU deserve to be booed. The BEST fans of baseball deserve better. I’m benching YOU the rest of the season.”

    1. um, i loved tommy, but he’s the one who kept trotting out tom niedenfuhr, remember? the guy who got blasted by jack clark and then, for fook’s sake, by OZZIE freaking SMITH, to exit the NL championship? tommy wasn’t perfect either. he kept using old gopherball Tom, even afterwards. face it, jansen has actually had a great season overall, even given all the walks. he’s blown, what? three or four saves? it’s not like he used to do it, but we were spoiled when he was blowing like two saves a year.

      i DO think kenley should be a setup man, though, with treinen getting a shot at closing.

  27. As the manager Mr Roberts is responsible everything. with 2 outs a hit to right field and the runner stopped at 3rd with the pitcher up. I went crazy. Don’t do that again. I was wondering why the need for Jansen too. When Blake shut down the 8th could have returned for the same in the ninth. It’s the little things that bug the fans. After all we sit through the stupid commercials for nine innings.

  28. Roberts build Jansen up by pitching him against weak hitters truth is he no longer is a good closer not championship closer he Gad already blown 4 saves you can’t afford that in post season let him go

  29. I agree with poster Al Jabour Roberts should not automatically go to Jansen in 9th in a save situation Better if Roberts uses the old fashioned eye test like he did in 2020 postseason – in other words if the Dodger pitcher in 8th is throwing strikes, is getting people out and has low pitch count – there is no ironclad rule that this 8th pitcher must give way to Jansen in 9th – Jansen should not be publicly demoted but decision about who pitches in 9th in save situations should be tailored to specific circumstances of game in question – as it was in last year’s postseason

  30. Regarding Bellinger does anyone know if it’s the coaches dropping the ball for not aggressively pursuing Bellinger to make some changes in his setup and swing mechanics or if it’s Bellinger who is just resistant to making changes

    1. Who knows, but I would start with the management. You’d have to assume that Bellinger is doing his best but has hit a wall. I think it’s both mechanical and mental. He swings for the fence every time. Wrong approach IMO. But what the heck do I know?

    2. It could be Bellinger’s refusal to make adjustments coaches dropping the ball with him so to speak and his personal life which has his mind elsewhere. Just a guess .

  31. It is disgusting to boo anyone on your team! What in hell is wrong with people? Kenley has had a great year, now because he loses 2 the idiots come out booing. Anyone who boo’s a team member, for any reason, isn’t a true fan! It takes him down and the entire team with it! Has anyone asked him if he has a sore arm or other problem? No, everyone expects a 97 mph robot when he takes the mound. Shame on all of you childish boo birds.

    1. Well let’s put it this way…Roberts was being booed as much as Kenley for bringing him in for back to back 9th innings after he had thrown 27 pitches the night before while not being able to complete the inning. Most fans were disgusted with these end results in losses more than anything.

  32. One day after Roberts takes out Treinan (after a good 8th) for Jansen to blow a 2 run lead…Ya Basta Enough of Roberts and Jansen!!!

  33. Another blown 9th inning save for Jansen and Roberts….BOO THEM BOTH, and thrown in Bellinger too…..

    Who are these rookies playing infield for the Dodgers who can’t think of playing the game the right way…Neuse, and McKinney are both a joke…can’t even use them for trade bait…

  34. What kind of Hitting Coaches do we have….it seems every swing is for high flies which end up in the OF gloves. Don’t these coaches teach to “line” the ball to where the ball will more often land where the fielder’s can’t catch them unless they go straight to them. NO STRATEGY!!

    1. The Dodgers broadcasters insist that Dodgers hitters don’t reach for bad pitches. But I don’t know they have been watching hit but these Dodgers are senseless to the game. Fans blame Roberts for not playing the game as it should be.

      JR Hairston blames the hitters not putting the ball in play with bases loaded and no outs. I blame Roberts

  35. Despite the disgraceful, game- stealing, call made by that umpire, the fact remains that Jansen should not have been on the mound (especially in the 9th inning.) Whatever our management was trying to prove by bringing Jansen in to close, horribly backfired before that disgusting call and Jansen is not the one who should be boo’ed.

    Buehler, like Urias, pitched a gem and Treinan again pitched a solid 8th. Except for that umpire, everyone, including the Giants announcers, knows that the Giants’ player struck out and did not check his swing.

    1. Exactly, B McP. And to conclude, if tonight’s disastrous loss and blown save by KJ doesn’t change plans for who should close games then nothing will. Honestly, Jansen, Roberts and the whole team should be embarrassed. Oh and perhaps it’s time to stop allowing a computer upstairs to make these calls regarding player use when or where in a game.

  36. I just finished listening to post game comments made by soft, spineless Dave Roberts after tonight’s lost to the Giants 5 to 3. He made comments about the missed third strike call, the first base umpire made and the Dodgers lack of urgency making a throw to second base for the third out, and placing no blame on anyone for the loss. All the media questions asked to him were the basic garden variety of “oh you must feel terrible about tonight’s loss”! Why didn’t any media persons asked Roberts why did he leave Jansen in to face 8 batters tonight after having Jansen made 27 pitches the night before and wasn’t effective. Why he or Mark Prior did not go out to the mound and try to settle Jansen down after some of there blown calls made. Or asked directly who made the decision to keep Jansen out there in the ninth inning to face 8 batters, give up 4 four runs and get only two outs?

  37. SO You have the bases loaded with no outs and you don’t score run to end the game in regular innings. ???
    Why you have major leaguers trying to hit a homer in at every AB rather than having a squeeze bunt or fly ball to win the game is unknown to Roberts. That is why Dodgers fans will continue to BOO him and the team. 3rd place is on the horizon due to another blown save. But not by Jansen. Again Roberts blew this game against the Rockies. So bush league managing.

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