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Dodgers: An Update on Andrew Toles’ Pending Court Case

Dodgers fans have been waiting patiently to hear updates on Andrew Toles since June of this year. It was then that Toles was arrested for trespassing after he was found sleeping behind an airport in Florida. More details later came out that Toles was homeless and had been away from all friends and family for quite some time. 

The latest update with the former Dodgers outfielder is that his hearing for misdemeanor trespassing has once again been pushed back. Monroe County Court records indicate that Toles’ lawyer was in court in early November seeking a pretrial continuance in his case. A continuance can be requested by the defense or prosecution in any given case for a number of reasons. 

Court records also seem to indicate that Toles has not been present during the previous hearings after his bail was posted. After his arrest, his family had come forward to say that Toles had struggled even before leaving the Dodgers. His sister Morgan admitted that the family had no idea where he was or even if he was alive until his arrest was made public. 

Dodgers: A Very Sad Update From Andrew Toles’ Family

As of now, a hearing is set for January 6th of next year. It’s unclear what exactly will take place during that hearing, but a resolution is hopefully coming for Toles. Dodgers fans have been patiently waiting and hoping for the best with an update on his condition. Unfortunately, no one seems to know anything about Toles at the moment. We will continue to bring updates on his situation as they trickle in over the next couple of weeks. 


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  1. So very sad. I hope the best for Toles. Would be an amazing story to see him back on the field representing millions who suffer from mental disorders. If not, I hope he stays safe and gets the help he needs. Godspeed.

  2. Once a Dodger, always a Dodger. I hope there is something the team can and will do for him.

    Ken S ( Dodger fan since 1944).

  3. Praying for Andrew and hoping the Dodger organization will continue to help and support him?

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