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Dodgers Rumors: MLB Insider Sees ‘Monumental Impediments’ in a Nolan Arenado Trade

Last week the big headline involved the Dodgers, the Rockies, and superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado. Former MLB GM Jim Bowden made waves around the league when he proclaimed that Arenado would be a Dodger by Christmas.

A bold statement.

Since then, the chatter surrounding LA and Colorado has been thin. Sure, it makes sense that Rockies’ GM Jim Bridich would look to move Nolan. He’s unhappy and has an opt-out in his contract after next season. But with player costs rising in Dodgertown, a link between the two seems a little bit more like a pipe dream over a foregone conclusion.

In fact,’s Mark Feinsand shot down the rumors just before Thanksgiving last week. And now ESPN’s Buster Olney is taking that a step further. The veteran baseball writer had this to say on Sunday.

The impediments to an Arenado/Dodgers swap are monumental, and might well be impossible to overcome.

A snap back to reality for some overzealous rumors for sure. Moreover, Olney points to the huge price tag on the 5-time All-Star. Six years and $200M left on his deal, if he doesn’t opt out. Additionally, LA would need to send a package of those prized prospects they’ve been hoarding over the last few seasons. And on top of all that, many of their homegrown stars are approaching free agency and looking for big money themselves.

So Nolan Arenado in blue — as much as fans and even he would love to see it — just might not be in the cards this winter.

“The Dodgers have the prospect power and financial might to do so many different things,” said Olney. “And what [Andrew] Friedman has demonstrated in his time overseeing LA is that he rarely picks the pricey option.”

Notably, the Dodgers would prefer a return engagement with free agent Justin Turner, as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic mentioned last week. Turner offers a more cost-effective alternative at third base for LA while some of the other prime infield prospects continue to develop for another season or two.

So, from the sound of it, don’t plan on any Nolan Arenado-sized stocking stuffers this holiday season.

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  1. Just re-sign JT. End the soap opera. Win back to back championships with the same team that posted a historic 71.7 winning percentage last year. Restock the bullpen. Look for cheaper diamonds in the rough wherever you can find them. Arenado is way too pricey, and offers far less offensive return than JT anywhere except Coors Field.

    1. Arenado is not a good option for the Dodgers. $200 million & 4 years on a regular player plus whatever incentives the Rockies will demand. JT is our 3rd basemen and will be good for the kid Rios. Him & Rios can swap out the corners.

  2. Arenado can’t hit outside of Colorado. Defensively he is one of the best but that’s not enough. It would be a huge mistake to take on Arenado over Turner and it’s not going to happen. Give JT a 1 plus 1 team option.

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